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                                              Prologue: Silver Foxes

      An excerpt pieced together from the remains of Truths Behind the Legends: A dictionary of your favorite myths and the truths they were based on , a book found in Jelu shortly after its destruction.

     Sil[ver F]oxes: n. refers to a race of [foxes] who  . . . silver in color  . . . entries in  . . . and myths. Most common reference in f[airy tales], usu.  . . . beautiful princess . . . a Silver Fox . . . her rescue

     The Myth: Long ago when the universe was young, the planet Clorth stood on the brink of destru[ctio]n.  [The inhabitants] were found guilty of treason [against the gods] . . . [but] the wise man, Deedanus, appeased the gods by offering to them any one thing  . . . desired. Flousa, the goddess of nature, chose for herself a certain flower . . .  deemed worthy. Disutrine, god[dess of be]auty, reserved the right to choose any man or woman, boy [or girl] to serve  . . . [in] her temple. Ham[atan, god of war], choose the iron smithies  . . . weapons were made. All the gods and goddesses chose . . . except Rophim, [god of storms], king of the gods. He found nothing to appease him . . . [and vowed to] destroy Clorth . . . [if he] could not be appeased by  . . . moon rose over the mountain o[f the go]ds, a thing that happened once [a year].

     [A year passed and] he found nothing to appease him . . . [As] Rophim walked through the woods on the east of the river Gordón . . . he came upon a beautiful vixen . . . [her]bs in the woods. His heart burned . . . he saw her . . . took on the form [of a] fox, and . . . wo[oed] her . . . and took her to be his bride, and . . . was appeased.

      The vixen conceived  . . . [and gave birth to] a son, Thrort . . . born with fur ma[de of] silver, and . . . unable to control storms . . . [a]ble to fly, shoot lightening from his fingers, and deflect projectiles. He roamed the land righting wrongs and defeating monsters.

     Time passed and his mother grew old. Rophim . . . [brought her] a fruit that grew on the mountain of the gods. One bite would make her immortal . . . tried to get Thrort, her [son], to eat, but he refused . . .[instead chose to] marry and live among mortals. So Thrort . . . [begat] a son, [ano]ther Silve[r Fo]x.

      . . . Silver Fo[xes] became numerous on Clorth. Some were noble, but far more used [their powers for evil pur]poses. Rophim saw this and cursed the line of Thrort . . . [All foxes in his] line were born gray, and only if they proved themselves  . . . [regained] the powers of Thrort.

[Explan]ation: Few . . . [believe] Silver Foxes actually existed. Those that do claim . . . were nothing more than . . .  


The remainder of the text was too severely damaged and was unable to be transcribed.

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I uploaded this earlier in the day, and it wouldn't show up. So I'm trying again.

This is the prologue of the story I'm uploading. If you don't get it, let me know, and I'll explain it to you. Will be uploading the rest probably tomorrow or Wednesday.

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Edit: Just trying to figure out how to get the correct formatting on the last line.
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i sorta get it, but could you explain it anyway just to be on the safe side