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Nature's Beauty by S-Patriot

Land of the buttercups by S-Patriot

~ Body Cleansing ~ by S-Patriot


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Irene by zemotion

inandout by arslanalp

Little Red Riding Hood I - The Choice by iNeedChemicalX

the sacrament by oprisco

_ contemplation _ IR by EYELIGHTZONE

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My interview published on Literary Orphans (, online literary magazine from Chicago:

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No Ordinary Love by Amanda-Diaz

Nap time by ZoranPhoto

Faded Melodies by Matthias-Haker

TO READ READ READ by blueanto

x by SuzyTheButcher

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Untitled by Amanda-Diaz

What goes around comes around by Aloony89

Imaginary by Ophelia-Overdose

Lisbon 02 by JACAC

Crow by Danila-Neroznak

Decades by IvanAndreevich

everything i need is someone's shoulder for to cry by dihaze

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(First of all... sorry for my English...)

I am getting daily messages from people asking me what actions, automated third-party plugins, premade effects, etc.. I use when I edit my photos. Many people think that just a "click" turns a photo into an artistic product print-ready, like Instagram (and I like Instagram, it's fun but not for my artistic or professional photos :P).

I don't use any of these plugins/actions/third-party effects for my creations and I think all these products are useless if a person knows how to use all the features of Photoshop. These products do nothing more then Photoshop native features, but they combine functions of the program, as the 'actions' do, but in a limited way because you never have full control, there are many limitations and often they ruin the picture quality (grain, unpleasant pixels effects , etc..)

I started using Photoshop since version 6, 12 years ago, when premade effects like Topaz & company did'n't exist (I think).

Over the years I have tried to use some actions and third party plugins, just for curiosity. Until now, the only two plugins that I find really useful are the Nik Define to reduce noise (very helpful in HDR) and Alien Skin Bokeh, which simulates the bokeh effects of various lenses, I have used a few times because it's not something I need, but I think that the plugin is excellent and superior to native blur filter in Photoshop. Also OnOne Perfect Mask is good for complex background removal but it's not a premade action, with this plugin you need to use wacom tablet or mouse (but with precision)  to clean the background (we're talking about very complex background as a forest or a street with buildings and people behind the subject, not simple one color bg) and it works good with hair and little details.

All other plugins are nice and funny but I do not need them, because I only need Photoshop and Camera Raw.

Eye on Trieste XVII - BEFORE and AFTER by Michela-Riva

When I did HDR I used Photomatix for HDR tone mapping, but this summer I stopped doing HDR (I do not exclude the possibility that I'll do HDR again, but now I'm experimenting other techniques) so I no longer use Photomatix. But I suggest this product if you need good tone mapping.
Photomatix is an external program, not a Photoshop plugin. The HDR plugins for Photoshop are not that great, when I extract the details from a photo usually I use the native Photoshop HDR toning but this effect does not make HDR photos, Photoshop is just a tool that uses the concept of tone mapping but it is only a simulation, is not a true HDR. To be a true HDR it needs at least 3 shots with different exposures.

That said, I recommend it to all who write to me to know which miraculous filter I use to create my photo effects to study Photoshop, all its functions, without waiting for an automatic magic filter that turns his photos in 5 minutes into unique works. Unfortunately (and fortunately) all we have to work hard to get results, we have to study, practice, learn from our mistakes.

Magical Munich XLII BEFORE and AFTER by Michela-Riva

Try to search on google: "photoshop photo editing tutorial", "best photoshop tutorials" "photoshop photography tutorial" and for those who want to do HDR "photomatix tutorial", "hdr photography tutorial", etc..

There are many, during these 12 years of using Photoshop I have seen many videos, I read many books, I studied many tutorials ... You can not learn without study and practice, because the theory alone is not enough.

Good study and good luck ;-)


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True Kiss by Karl-Filip

Fields of gold by emmanueldautriche

No more heroes - no more lies by adimymsg

hug a tree by athrawn

.:Linyphia triangularis:. by efeline

Mata Hari by NeonLynxie

She is sun by Mishkina

Where the Wild Roses Grow I by CarolineKiessling

Le Cabaret by NataliaCiobanu

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Passion for the Game by IsacGoulart

Ephemera II by SpokeninRed

Noir by Eman333

Chateau de Noisy 03 by Bestarns

A. by Grooveinjector

Prague - Street Scene I by pingallery

Enchanted Mistresses by michaelknightfoto

Bella II by Amanda-Diaz

The lighted boats by LinsenSchuss

wedding 3 by zznzz

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Actually, I can't believe it. This photo has been declined from some important groups so it's really incredibile to receive a DD with this one! :O
I'm very happy, it's my second DD on Deviantart and it means a lot for me because I don't think to be a great street photographer.. I'm better with urban and lanscape.. because I receive more positive feedbacks with these categories. I love taking street photos but I think I'm not very good as street photographer and it's frustrating for me.. because my favorites photographers (dead or alive) are street photographers, even if I like to take surreal scapes and other kind of photography... But street photography is in my eyes. in my heart and in my soul. 

So this DD means a lot for me because it encourages me to go on and take other street photos, I know that I'm still no so good, I have only a few good street photos in my gallery, others are just... experiments, but the result is not so good. 

I hope to grow up, to become better in street photography one day.

Thank you StamatisGR for this DD, you brighted my day! :hug:

And thank you beautiful people for all faves, comments and support. I love you, really.


From Istria with Love III by Michela-Riva


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The Chamber of Renaissance by JonnyGoodboy

_caged V. by josefinejonssonphoto

The gold Bug by werol

Meine Liebe by Queen-Kitty

this kiss by bwaworga

in the light 3 by zznzz

...venezia XVII... by roblfc1892

amberisthecolorofurenergy by JeanFan

Witch by MariannaInsomnia

Confusion by Draken413o

The Dark Lake by MaximeCourty

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Thank you so much for supporting my art!


New York City, New York by JeanFan  Sensual Girl BW by PeterLime

Shadowland by SchuberttrebuhcS

Star gazer by Vladiatorr

Elementary school by Borymir

Schloss Moyland (HDR) by skywalkerdesign

218 by picturework-memory

Quiet before the storm by Rhedor

Summer time by Kaminski83
Thank you everybody for your beautiful support!
This feature is dedicated to you, people who faves, watch, comments and support my art everyday!

Thank you so much :heart:

Mija 5159 by spoii

Curves and Lines. by Ullises

ID August by theKika

_1992 by ibas

helmut by conquerorofbits

Alathena_Japan Expo_1 by ladymisterya

Shut up! by dhiolawliet

Solitude by Simina31

Kamen teacher by SilvyChan

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Hello everybody!

I'm still very busy because my work but I'm trying to post my works when I have a few time.

This is the 3rd feature dedicated to all of you, my kind supporters! You're amazing and I'm very happy when you watch me, fave my art, critique my deviations and comments my works. 

Your support is really appreciated. :hug: :)


:beer: :beer: :beer:

not me by AlipSuhaimi

Reflected Failure by Tiasaur

here comes Memo! samoyed-retriever by IJPhotography

Broken by universalman

Lvov in '20s [S] by Gopalik

. by vfrrich

perfect shot by M3los93

I started my own business on May 16 and, as you know, I'm really busy!!!
I'll be back very soon but now I need to focus on my new job.

If you want to support me, this is my official facebook business page:…

..and this is my artistic page where I upload my personal photos:…

New works coming real soon... I promise!

  • Listening to: Rocksteady
  • Reading: Sophie Kinsella
  • Watching: Once Upon a Time
  • Eating: Diet!! :(
  • Drinking: Beer.. Ops, no.. I'm on a Diet!! Grrr
Sorry for the absence but I have some personal problems.

After 3 years of work, my employment contract will be end on May 10, so... I decided to open a 'P.IVA' (VAT number) to work freelance/self-employed as graphic designer & photographer.
It's not a simple thing, I need to invest money in hardware, software licence and other tools..  but it's the only thing I can do now because here in Italy there are many problems for employed people and I would like to work as freelance because it's my personal ambition from many years. Now it's the time to do it!
Here you see only my 'artistic' photos but outside DA I'm working as freelance graphic design (without VAT, it's an occasional work) since 1 years to do some money. I like this job, I prefer photography of course but it's not easy to become a professional photographer and I found more clients around graphic design (logos, brochures, flyers, etc.) and web design.
My official business facebook page will be open soon, now I'm working on my logo, brand and website.

I'm very busy and I can't work on my photos but ..wait for me.. I'll be back! It's a promise :hug: :)

Sorry if I don't reply to your message, faves, etc. but I'll do it when I'll come back here, I hope as soon as possible!

Love you,


This is the 2nd feature dedicated to all my kind supporters, amazing people who faves me, critique me, watch me and comments my works. I love your support, it's really appreciated. :hug: 

I try to visit every DA profile to say thanks but it's impossible .. too many people and the Deviantart anti-spam system it's a great enemy :lol: after 20-30 comments it blocks me!! .. argh 
:heart: :heart: :heart:

 Waning by Jerry Farber by JerryFarber

If Tomorrow Never Comes by inObrAS

Be.Different.Dare by kingmouf Tokyo raining -reflect- color version by free-way-of-life

Alone by Kazet-chi 

c h i l l    t i m e s by MistyTableau Cats by mars1deadlock

Rome 126 by AlexGrifo 4732 by Sasa-Van-Goth

Traffic by Reto Faded Paint and Faded Memories by Frantic-Vampire

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Happy St. Patrick's Day by EmilySoto

Emily by Laura-Ferreira 

kill them. by cristina-otero

lin5 by jarrod343 

Blue Night in Little Berlin by wchild

Queen Entity by ulorinvex

Steel by Laura-Ferreira 


hair by MartaSyrko

2 but... by JACAC

Birdy man by foto-graf-hi

cat_cat by Subway-M 

Behind appearances by zardo

Moscow State University by inObrAS

sunset love by psycho-infinity 

If you have a Facebook account please vote for my entry in the Showcase your art at Northern Arts Uncovered, on the Northern Arts Uncovered Facebook page!

Click here to see it:

My entry is:
Winter In Vienna XXXIII by Michela-Riva

I need your support to expose my work!


Thank you :hug:
I would say thank you to anyone, any amazing supporters that fave me, watch me, critique me, donate points, comments on my work! :hug:
Your support is wonderful and I'm very happy because you appreciate my photos, it means a lot for me :heart:

I have some problem to visit anyone page to say thanks (because the few time and because the Deviantart anti-spam system.. argh) so I want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE!

This feature is dedicated to all my supporters but it's only the first of the series so.. if you're not here you'll be in the next features :) I hope to do many many features for you :rose:


My Valentine by MissGrib Find My Way by MarinaCoric

Blue Light by ifsantag

black and white pages by AlicjaRodzik The nest by MarcosRodriguez

The Orb by JonnyGoodboy

Dunstanburgh coast 3 by newcastlemaleCold January Evening by Pajunen

bridge by HeretyczkaA 

Catch me if you can by bwaworga Beauty in Mask by FrionR 

The New Year is coming by BiBiARTs Otherworldly Home by ClintonKun

Milan II by MEEMO-88 Gorilla by Li11y-Anne

Nightfall by MissLumikki Stone well by N3kronomisT

Nice Encounter at Sunset by JocelyneR Nicole Kidman by A-Man-With-No-Art

Blanket by EvaPolly

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This is the first weekly Venatores Lucis feature! :dance:

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keep making me laugh by SabrinaCichy    
  Friends by JACACSkull Station by Sblourg

     :how I see things: by candymax  

Mirror Mirror by MariannaInsomnia        Autumn colors in Apuseni Mountains 5 by adypetrisor

The Windswept Warrior by JonnyGoodboy

       trauma. by cristina-otero

Into the wild by Ophelia-Overdose     

Sycamore Gap by newcastlemale   My Favourite Girl Portrait by Sssssergiu

 London 01 by JACAC   The dark clouds above by Grooveinjector 

Day 365 by rosannabell

London 02 by JACAC      urban lightstream by Fersy

Feel Free by MikkoLagerstedt   I Wish I Could Fly... by AimishBoy

Chitwan by nikosalpha She was an Assassin by MonsterBrand

 Museum Hall DHM 3 by pingallery    

Crush the Canals by JeRoenMurre  
Amongst Giants by JonnyGoodboy    Walking in Chinatown by Pajunen

ghost palace v2. by arbebuk

Once Upon A Time by Bela01    

Some colors in a grey sky by zardo

Lady with Umbrella by dannyst    Dubai - Sharks love You by xMEGALOPOLISx

6708 by NunoCanha 

Petite chose by 2jL   alien cities by AlicjaRodzik

     Friends by lostknightkg