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Ambassador to the Empire CH 12
While Ka'ani waited for the medical team on the ship to give Theron the all clear, she kept herself busy helping the science team and the ISB with the collected data. With T7 hooked into the computers, she focused on the efforts to repair the artifacts that had been collected. Some had broken on their trip back to the ship while others had been collected in a broken state, reminding everyone just how fragile they were. Using the force she held the pieces in place as the team worked, lifting each new piece into place as the team affixed the adhesive. She still smelled of crypt dust and even after removing her outer robes, she could still feel the grit and grime on her as she worked and had to stifle a laugh at the last time she was like this.
"Something amusing to you, Ambassador?" asked Kallus, looking up from the terminal.
"It's nothing, just an old memory." A small sigh escaped her lips as the last piece of the vase she'd been helping with set, allowing the team to
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Ambassador to the Empire CH 11
He hovered there, his closed eyes pointed to the ceiling, his greying hair falling about his shoulders, and his cybernetic implants glowing in the faint flickering light. Ka'ani let out a small laugh at his jacket, because of course he'd be wearing that old thing, he was pushing his 60s and still refused to retire that jacket, the one he'd worn when she'd first met him. He'd told her it was lucky, and in the sappiest way possible, told her how he knew it was lucky because he'd met and fallen for her while wearing it.
Clearing his throat, Kallus placed a hand on Ka'ani's shoulder. "Ambassador, we still need to shut off the security system before we can get the medical team in here to make sure Theron is well enough to wake up."
Refusing to take her eyes from her husband, she nodded, taking a step forward. "Right, right, security systems."
"I doubt they're attached to the person in the chamber, Ambassador."
Ka'ani's gaze shifted to the panels along the wall, her eyes narrowing at how muc
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Ambassador to the Empire - CH 10
Ka'ani lifted a brow ridge as she observed Aurennian's meditation. "Remember, if you can physically lift it, you can lift it with the Force." Despite her concerns, she'd taken her descendant on as her apprentice and hadn't been disappointed. He had a knack for saber combat, but his inability to control the Force worried her. During bursts of intense emotion he could make the Force do his bidding and that concerned her. "You know you can do it, now focus!"
The vase before Aurennian wobbled, slowly lifting from its pedestal. "I can feel it!" he exclaimed. "I'm doing it!"
"This is the Imperial Star Destroyer Lawbringer, you are in restricted space. Submit your clearance codes or be destroyed."
His concentration breaking, Aurennian gasped as the vase tipped. "I lost it!" 
A thin smile tipped Ka'ani's lips, the vase righting itself. "I've got it, go send the codes. I'd prefer to not be vaporized."
Aurennian dashed from the room to the cockpit, opening a channel to the L
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Ambassador to the Empire - CH 9
"You've got that look in your eyes again, Ka'ani."
Looking away from the twins' practice, Ka'ani smiled and took the glass of water from Theron. "What look?"
"The, 'I'm not sure I'm doing the right thing for these girls' look." Theron wrapped an arm around his wife's shoulder and kissed her on the cheek. "The girls want to learn, and I can't think of a better group of teachers and mentors than the ones we have here on Zakuul and Odessen." His smile faded at Ka'ani's worried look. "I know you still struggle with the pull from your time under Vitiate's control, but you've kept yourself in control for over twenty years now."
"I can feel myself slipping. The pull is getting stronger and it's even slipping into my dreams now. I can feel something calling to me and I'm," Ka'ani turned and set her head on her husband's shoulder, inhaling the smell of his cologne, "I'm struggling to fight the pull. It feels like Valkorion is back, but I know he's not. I know his spirit was sca
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Ambassador to the Empire - CH 8
"I would have expected to at least see some sort of change in this planet since I've been gone." muttered Ka'ani.
Slipping a visor over his eyes, Nadeko smiled and gestured to the senate building and the Imperial Palace. "I'd say those two are the biggest differences for you?" his smile widened as Ka'ani let out an appreciative whistle. "The Imperial Palace used to be the location of the jedi temple, back before Order 66. Now it's the home of the Emperor, Naval Intelligence, and the location of the inquisitors headquarters."
Aurennian pulled a cloak from his bag and passed it to Ka'ani before slipping on a pair of dark spectacles over his eyes. "Think sith but without the full training of a sith master."
"So they're essentially constant apprentices?"
"Not quite, there are some who were jedi masters before falling. It's just that ever since the rule of two was instigated these inquisitors will never..."
Ka'ani held up a silencing hand. "I understand your
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Ambassador to the Empire - CH 7
10BBY - Nar Shaddaa
Ka’ani raised an eyebrow ridge at the GR-45 docked before her. “So this is the Stellar Flare, civilian transport and freighter?”
“That’s what the tickets say.” muttered Aurennian. “At least we’re guaranteed a room with a private refresher and complimentary meals?”
“Honestly, I would have been fine with a cargo freighter. My luck with civilian transports has never been the best. Remind me to tell you about my trip aboard the Esseles later.” She picked up the black duffel bag that was resting between them and smiled. “I call first on the refresher though. I still have sand in my hair from Korriban that I need to wash out.”
“Hey, Ka’ani?” Aurennian rubbed his neck as Ka’ani stepped from the refresher and looked over at T7. “Do you think you could tell me about Theron?”
Setting down her towel, Ka’ani pulled a brush from her bag. “What
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Ambassador to the Empire - CH 6
10BBY - Nar Shaddaa
The shock must have been apparent in Ka'ani's expression by Aurennian's embarrassed look. "I didn't defeat Valkorion and his children to see something like this be put into law. Is there any justification for this?"
"According to my tutors the law was made when the consort of one of the empresses tried to take the throne after her death. His first order was to disband the council that helped govern the Alliance, giving himself ultimate power and control. He broke the millennia of peace the Eternal Alliance had enjoyed by sending forces to invade a planet outside of the Chiss Ascendancy, which sparked conflict and brought war on the planets under the protection of the two federations that had been allies. Once he was overthrown and the empress' sister came of age, the council was put back in power and the law was made." Aurennian muttered a quiet thanks to T7 as the droid returned with two drinks. "Ever since then, even if the empress dies before her daughter comes o
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Ambassador to the Empire - CH 5
3620BBY - Zakuul
Theron had been pacing the halls outside the medical wing for what seemed like an eternity when Lana and Al-Djinni finally arrived. "You're here! They want you inside right away, Arcann is already in there working to calm the twins, but he's convinced Al will have better luck due to blood connections."
He watched helplessly as Lana and Al disappeared into the medical wing, leaving him alone in the empty hall. For all his experience with getting out of tight spots, for all the times he'd escaped certain death in nothing but his underwear, being forced to stand back and let someone else do the very thing he knew he should be doing was like a vibroknife to the gut. He'd taken out sith lords, and yet here he was forced to wait outside for fear that the twins might panic and kill all non-force sensitive beings in the area.
Arcann had assured him this was a potential problem for children who were strong in the force, but all that did was remind him of how psychotic Vaylin ha
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Ambassador to the Empire - CH 4
3620BBY - Odessen
The flickering holo image of Theron Shan lit the room with an eerie blue glow. "Theron, what's wrong?" asked Lana. Pain and fear were apparent in his face as he appeared to lean over a control panel. "Don't tell me everything's all right either. I can sense a disturbance in the force all the way out here on Odessen."
Theron's voice was strained as he stared down at the control panel. "Ka'ani has gone into labor, but something's wrong. I need you and Al here as soon as possible."
Any trace of sleep left Lana at the former SIS agent's words. "She is down in the command room working with the new recruits. I will get her and we will be there as soon as a shuttle is prepped."
"You sound like you're about to scream." stated Lana, throwing on her robes and fastening her belt. 
A tight laugh broke from Theron's throat. "I can't lose her, Lana. I can't lose the girls. The medical team kicked me out of the room and told me to contact you and Al in case they
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Book Cover by MicheaB Book Cover :iconmicheab:MicheaB 5 0
Ambassador to the Empire - CH 3
3620 - Zakuul (10 Years After the Assault on Odessen)
Cuddling had become rather difficult ever since the twins had become more active, not that Ka'ani minded too much. Theron snored quietly beside her, his arm curled protectively around her shoulders as they lay in their bed under thin sheets in the summer heat. The twins shifted as Ka'ani nestled closer to her husband and nuzzled against his chest. After so many years at war, it felt good to finally be at peace.
A strong kick from one of the twins jolted Ka'ani from her thoughts. "Careful little one, you'll wake your father." she whispered, rubbing a crimson skinned hand over her stomach.
Theron chuckled and rolled on his side as he wrapped his other arm around his wife. "I might not be sensitive to the Force, but our daughters are quite adamant about something right now."
"The medical droids did say that these two will be arriving any day now." Ka'ani winced as the second twin joined in with its sibling in straining against her abdo
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Ambassador to the Empire - CH 2
They were all dead.
Ka'ani was vaguely aware of the archaeology team working around her as she sat on one of the chairs in Major Cepheus' work station. T7 had finished charging and was over by the entrance of the tomb chattering jovially with another astromech as it attempted to get a signal. Even with the news of everyone being gone, she held out hope that if nothing else, the Eternal Alliance still existed and she could still return home.
Removing a small hololocket from under her armor, she opened the clasp and smiled faintly as an image of her, Theron, and their two daughters appeared in a pale blue glow. 'They're all dead, I'm all alone again.' The pain within her chest grew as the image before her blurred as her eyes filled with tears.
"Are you all right, Empress Ka'ani?"
A tiny smile tilted the corner of Ka'ani's mouth at the title. "Just Ka'ani is fine, and I will be all right, Ensign March, I just need some time to adjust and come to terms with everything." Closing the
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Ambassador to the Empire - CH 1
3610BBY - Korriban, Valley of the Dark Lords
“Kriff! I just had to go and touch it, didn't I?”
Struggling against the rapidly hardening stasis crystal, the female Sith growled in anger at her own stupidity. Ka'ani had been so enthralled by the statue of the pureblood before her she'd ignored the danger sense she had been gifted through the force as it tingled down her spine. It was too late by the time she heard the click of the catch triggering under her finger as she traced the ancient Sith language at the base of the statue.
Her mind raced as the sticky, crystallizing liquid pushed her to the center of the room. She'd come here because of a vision. She'd left in the middle of the night without informing anyone of her plans. No one knew she was on Korriban, no one would come looking for her here, eventually they would have to give up their search for the Empress of Zakuul and mourn her for dead.
Well, most of them would. She knew Theron would never stop searching. He hadn
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Pear of wut? by MicheaB Pear of wut? :iconmicheab:MicheaB 5 0
Mature content
Dreams of the Past :iconmicheab:MicheaB 0 0
Heart of Vengence (Chapter 6)
Johnothon's body floated down along the canal until it hit a bend, where it became stuck. Johnothon's spirit tried in vain to get back into the body but finally it gave up. Flying towards his house, Johnothon went through the walls and floated down next to Aisu. ‘Aisu, can you hear me? I need your help; my body is in the canal at the south junction. You need to get it out and get me back into it. I want you to take the car, the keys are by the door, take the body to 156 Liverpool Lane. You will be asked a password, tell them my name and they will let you in.'
Aisu looked around wildly then turned to face Johnothon's spirit. "What is in there?" She jumped up and ran to the front door; grabbing the keys she rushed to the car and started the ignition.
‘It is a Technocracy building. They will be able to fix me up. Though I am unable to guarantee your safety, I will promise to make it up to you in any way I can.'
Aisu nodded and sped down the road to the south junction. Climbing
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