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If you want them they're here, on my society6 profile: and here, on RedBubble:…

I'll be adding more as time goes on.

If anybody is willing to have archival signed prints, please let me know.

Many other ones you can get on my RedBubble page:…

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I'm back in Poland.

Open for cooperation and commissions.

facebook page - likeable and shareable faceBook page
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I'm still living and working in Helsinki, Finland, though I'm thinking about changing the place to something warmer or going back to Poland. Next few months will show what will happen.

I'm available for 30-45 min. free portrait outdoor sessions few times a month in the Helsinki area. Ask about the details if interested. It's meant as a project of a kind and will end when I'll leave Helsinki or around September 2012 if I stay.

I'm available for almost any of photo assignments  here in Helsinki or in Finland or wherever you'd like me to go, as long as you pay.

Wet curtain project is still going on - if you're interested in participation - contact me via e-mail. Booth sexes.

I'm posting mostly on my photojournal:

and crossposting on my facebook page - likeable and shareable faceBook page

I still love you all, although I can't force myself to post so often here anymore. :heart:
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FotoErotikon 2011 - 27.08-16.10.2011
Muzeum Erotyki, ul. Grzybowska 3, Warsaw, Poland

group exhibition of fetish, nude and erotic photography

Participating artists: Anna Andrzejewska, Michał Buddabar, Massimo Conti, Stasys Eidrigevicius, Andrzej Frankowski, Edyta Leśniak, Paweł Masnyk, Leszek Porwit, Piotr Schilling, Joanna Sikora, Michał Sosna, Brunon Szczapiński, Tomasz Terlecki, Michał Tokarczuk (aka MichalTokarczuk ), Zorka Projeckt: Monika Redzisz, Monika Bereżecka, Artur Żurawski.

more information, contact data on the site of Muzeum Erotyki
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  • Eating: tea.
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- just pushing stuff forward -
- nothing to say -
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Where: L-Gallery, Moscow, Oktyabrskaya Str. no 26
Starting: 9th April 2010, 19:00 (everyone is invited)

A bit more info here:…

I can't go myself, but there will be one of my images here. I'll try to go next time or prepare something here, in PL.

And big thanks goes to Kostassoid for a chance to participate.

Update starts here:

L'Esprit Photo Contest Exhibition
Where: Skwer Hoovera Gallery, Krakowskie Przedmieście 60A, Warsaw, Poland.
When: Already there, started. Closes 8th April 2010.

Contest results:

I sent 5, 4 got through to the finals, then... I dunno, at least I'm hanging around in the Gallery in the center of Warsaw, capital city of Poland, ah-oh. I think they printed few from "curtain series", but I'm not sure. Go see and tell me, please.
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Facebook fan page...

Linked here:…

Now you can be a fan of me and make it more official than ever. ;)

And i have a profile there as well, if you want to count me as a friend:…


Although it doesn't seems like it, I'm working my ass off on the projects that will be seen after completion. So bear with me about the lack of fast and constant stream of new images, news or anything. Patience...

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Ho! For polish readers mostly this time. About reactivation of an old local club and conversion into group system.

Reaktywowałem i przejąłem za aprobatą przedwiecznych adminów :iconcracow: - charakter klubogrupy zmieni się od tej pory, bo stara formuła się co nieco wytarła i rozpełzła się po okolicy niczym soczysta padlina.

Niniejszym zapraszam do dołączania do grupy i mam nadzieję, że tym razem zrobimy coś nowego, co będzie żyło dłużej i sprawniej. Zgodnie z nowymi metodami samo +devwatch nie wystarczy, trzeba się wysilić i wcisnąć "join our group".

Nowy cel grupy w skrócie? Integrować ludzi mieszkających czy też robiących cokolwiek w Krakowie i nie tylko. Bez przesadnego narodowego czy lokalnie-patriotycznego zadęcia i bez sztywnej biurkokracji.

Pozdrowienia świąteczno-noworoczne

And all the best for those who wonder what the hell I wrote above. :aww:
Happy New Year everybody!