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Hello friends,
here are some news from the studio that I work for.

We have a new website were you can for example see some recent stuff we have been doing or apply for a job! Check it out here:

We also have some major news about our inhouse project Degenesis.
First check out the new trailer here:

The English edition is out, you can buy it in our store amongst other stuff here:

Soon I'll be posting some of the new stuff I did

Take care!

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Hi All,
My boss and awesome artist Marko Djurdjevic joined DA and he's sharing new awesome work.
Check it out here:…

All the Best,
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Hello Everybody,
my friends are doing a webcomic project. There should be pages coming out every week for two stories. If you like reading comics check it out here:

Thanks for your time :)
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I'd like to thank you all for the support, nice words and critique you put in the comments. I really appreciate it! Helpes me a lot to carry on doing pictures.
I' ve been really bad in replying. I'll try to get better, I promise :)
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Hi friends,
I just posted some work in progress images for my recent Pathfinder cover. If you are interested in my process feel free to wisit it here:…
Thank you!

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Hello friends,
I started a profesional page on facebook where I'll be adding some of my works and info (ofcourse I'll still be posting here as well).
Here it is :…

Currently I'm working on a lot of projects, most of the illustrations/concept art I'm doing I'm not allowed to show. Hopefully some of the stuff comes out soon so I can post some new illustrations (there are some that I'm quite satisfied with :))
Now I'm going to reply at least some of you, I haven't done that in ages
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new blog entry with some unfinished works…
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Hello everybody,
I finally created a print account. So if anyone is interested in having something from me on a wall you are welcome:…

I'll be adding more soon

All the best,
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Hi everyone I just posted a new blog here…
Hope you'll enjoy

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Caute vsetci,
Chcem vsetkych co su z Prahy a radi by si pozreli nejake moje veci nazivo, srdecne pozvat na moju vystavu do galerie Nemesis (
Adresa je:
5. května 62
(vchod z ulice Lounských)
140 00, Praha 4
Vystava zacina vernisazou 14.04 o 18:00 a bude trvat do 7. 5. 2011. Rad sa tam s vami stretnem.


Hi all,
I would like to invite everybody who is in Prague and would like to see some of my works in real life, to my exhibition in  galerie Nemesis (
The adress is:
5. května 62
140 00, Praha 4
The opening is at 14.04 at 18:00. The exhibition will last until 7. 5. 2011. I'll be happy to see you there.

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Hi Friends!
Finally the game project I've been working on recently has been announced. I've been doing art direction and concept art for a small graphic outsource company past two years. We've been lucky enough to work on the new Heroes game. I've done concept art for a lot of the characters. The guys in the team did great job in making them look really cool.

Offical website:…
Here are a few gameplay videos (I did the Necropolis guys :)):……

I'll post some character concept art that has been revealed by UBI. More concepts after the game is published (or when UBI puts them on internet)

Currently I'm taking rest from computer games. Trying to concentrate on illustration, painting and comics (hopefully).
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just letting you know I'll be posting some of the concept art I've done during the years I worked in game companies. I'll start with older stuff  and get to more recent. As even the 'new' stuff I'm allowed to post is more than 1,5 year old is bit different than my recent photoshop illustrations. But don't worry I'll post also some new stuff I'm working on soon. Next year hopefully also the concept art I'm working on right now (a lot of colorful fantasy characters)

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Hi All,
I haven't been here for quite a long time. I needed to take some rest from everything. I've been working too moch during the summer and begining of September. After that creating artworks wasn't as much fun as it used to be before. Now everything looks fine again. I'll be updating my gallery here with stuff I've done recently.
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Expose 6

Thu Jun 12, 2008, 1:31 AM
Expose 6 around the world

I'm finishing my Uni degree right now so I have zero free time. Acctually I have a lot of stuff I promised to do and I'm behind the schedule, I'll need to keep up after some exams :(. So I'll post more stuff from me here also.
I have two pictures in the recent Expose book. This time there are artists from 43 countries so the guys from Ballistic came with a new idea of promoting the book. Each artist recieved the book sooner and made a photo of himself with it in his country. You can see the result here :…
There should be more photos added soon, but mine is allready there :)

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I realized I didn't change my journal for quite long time, so here is a little update.

I'm happy, my image "through the devastation" is used as a cover on the Advanced Photoshop magazine. If you want check it out here

I'm doing freelance concept art for a game right now. Which is good but it takes me almost all my time (I have to do school as well :(). So, sorry if I don't respond to your comments or something. That is a reason also why there will be very little if any artwork posted by me here at this time.
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Happy new year to everyone here on DA!
The last year was quite hard for me, a lot of things changed and I learned a lot things too. I really appreciate all the favorites, comments and +watches. I'm sorry I sometimes haven't  replied on some, but like I said a lot of things were happening etc. I'll try to do better this year :D.

Thanks again, I wish you all the best and a lot of creativity, keep on walking :D
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