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yellow crystals

This is a personal piece I've done for this competition [link] It has been a good oportunity to experiment a bit.

When working on stuff I'm allowed to show, I'm posting some work in progress screenshots on my facebook, feel welcome to add me [link]
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colin6969's avatar
This piece looks very realistic !
Ca-l-gr's avatar
Dude, this is sick.
oO-Monkey-Oo's avatar
This is some serious business :) Awesome work!
theAmericanaut's avatar
This was a brilliant cover- shiny and sharp. Keep up the great work!
Bullmann's avatar
i saw this in a magazine! :D
michalivan's avatar
Great! I'm happy it got printed on it
AndrijaLEE's avatar
THIS made literally my jaw to drop,soo amazing...
Since you worked with riot,you could talk to them into making this as a one of the next champion,and that would be one SICK looking champion! (reality check:too bad it will stay just as concept ) :(
michalivan's avatar
Thanks! I would love to see her developed further as well, but I think it will stay just a concept
ShepherdoftheWest's avatar
huh... reminds me of that new role playing video game, "CYBERPUNK: 2077!"
independentstate's avatar
Her hair and face are made out of pure win. God I love this. Just... everything about it. The blue and yellow coloring, the massive chainsaw and her armor (or maybe those are her arms?)... in another life, can I be her? xD
michalivan's avatar
Thanks a lot! That are mechanical arms not armor :P
synthoverseer's avatar
I have no words to express how awesome I think this is! The expression on her face is priceless. :)
Quilsnap's avatar
ah just saw this in heavy metal, nice
michalivan's avatar
great, thanks!!
aoxenuk's avatar
gawd bless Heavy Metal for linking us to such amazing artists
bissounet's avatar
oh my god Oo so good ~
jirael's avatar
love the electric colours!
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