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Hi Everybody,
I've been working as a concept artist for some time now. I never showed any of my concept design on internet. Now I decided to upload some of my better works as some of the projects I worked on are finished, some were cancelled :). I'll start with the older pieces (some are something like 3 years old), the newest stuff (plenty of characters) I cannot show as it's for an unannounced title

This is a character I did for a small fantasy game (I don't know if it will be released, if yes this character won't be there, it changed during the process). This was more a promo picture than classical character design.

PLEASE NOTE: this is really old work so the style is different than my recent work
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realy great work!
Hey there! !! I would absolutely love to get this gorgeous fierce woman as a tattoo!! Please could you get in touch with me? Thank you!
Hey there,

Let me just start that, if you read my last comment, I've was unaware but have been informed that it came off very rudely and that I was going about the process wrong. So here's take 2:

I own a Magic the Gathering Tumblr with a decent following where I post cards that I really like and cards that I create. I recently started working on building a complete MtG block with original characters, stories, and cards. When looking for inspiration I found this piece and would love to use it in my set. The card for her is already finished, but I won't post anything until I get the okay from you to use this art. If or when I post it, the card will have you name on it and the post will have a link to your Deviant Art and whatever else you would like me to link, just let me know! Also, just so it's clear, I'm not selling these and am not getting any money off of it; its just a fun fan project. If you would prefer to see that card prior to me posting it just let me know.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and respond!
Tumblr: MagictheGatheringDailyCard
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Hey, man sorry for lets response. I've been pretty busy lately. Sure you can use the picture, I'm glad you like it!


Thanks man, I appreciate it!
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This is so cool!
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May I use this picture on an rp-website? In the website we have a faceclaim place, where the profile pictures of every character is written down, where they're from, what it's called and the character using it :3
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That's a very nice design! I like it.
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So right, it should be a movie cover!!! :3
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Great details. I like the jarring impact of it. Very cool.
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Do you mind if I make this person into a role-play character?

I was thinking about creating a Soul Reaper (Shinigami) who's powers were dragon shouts. So, basically mixing a Shinigami and a Dovahkiin.
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This actually reminds me of a wman in the one movie centurion. Great job!
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Olga Kurylenko, thats the actress name. It does favor her a bit.
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this is wicked! love the design, brushwork, her attitutde... :D
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luv this 1...thumbs up :)
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awesome - very reminiscent of Royo!
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ok, this one is really nice :)
keep up the good work....
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