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This is my new work - again cover for a fantasy book taking place on desert in kind of arabian world. The motive should be a horse man escaping from sand storm. It's quite hard for me to draw horses so I was trying to improve a little bit. Comments and crits are very welcome. I may be correcting some details (now I'm kind of fed up with it, but I wanted to finished it today)

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I feel like I'm picking everything from your gallery. Horse anatomy is a bit of a bugger especially when they're in motion but you've done a very good job at it. The sandstorm is incredible. Do you have a technique or just have a go and see how it turns out?
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Definitely impressive. I don't know if I could do better! I don't think so. My passion lies with warrior cats, but how the determination has been captured on both horse and rider's face is ASTOUNDING!!!
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it's looking like Arabian Knight....
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I'm amazed by the sand storm ! Soooo Gorgeous... everything else too but the storm !!!! just WOW !!!
... masterpiece.
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This is very nice, I love the idea and influence behind it; the art style perfectly suits and portrays the main theme of the image.
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it seems real....a photo
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You're work is amazing! I really envy you for getting the chanse to illustrate so many books. There is one major thing that I'd like to point out tho. And that is that the legs of the horse is positioned wrong. This might not be that important, because most people won't realize it just by looking at it, but for someone who knows how a horse moves it looks kindof odd.

Anyways... You're work really is fantastic!
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wow beautifull piece!!!!!!
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woooooooooooo, it's really cool!!!!!!!!:XD::clap:
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I really like it, the horse is great! The only things I would say would be that the face and nose is maybe curved down just a TINY bit too much for an Arabian, and to show speed a little more, stretch the head and neck forwards. Likewise, the forelegs could stretch forward also, just to show how the horse is really giving all it's got. If you wanted to get fancy, you could show just a snip of white around the rims of the eyes, which would give the horse a wild, frighted look.
On the whole, it's great, and there are really very few details to fix!
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wow , that's awesome O_O !!!
u did a great work :heart:
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The work on the sand is awesome! A really cool horse, and a :+fav: that is completely owned!
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Beautiful picture! :D Great details!
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amazing!! love everything about it
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:omg: awesome work!!:clap: Photoshop is for me horrible, I'm not good in working on this program..^^; but you're great!!!
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This is amazing work!
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you are a great painter.. i love your work.. you are my new fav. artist.
i'll see your work so much i can.. :D
really great work, i'll send a massege to imaginefx and tell them about you, if it's ok ;)
Lower the horses head and neck - stretch them out to give a greater sense of speed and urgency. Roll the horses lips back to show he's giving all he's got. Show his breath and the whites of his eyes. Lower the rider tighter over the horses back to again show the speed needed to outrun the storm.

Suggestions only. Your work is excellent.
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