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raven tattoo

this is a tattoo design I did for a friend, it should have raven, cathedral and a man playing on the ray of light

hope you'll like it

edit: If you want it as a tattoo no problem use it and get it (my friend didn't get it after all, but many other people did :)). If you want use it for non commercial use no problem, use it just credit me. If you want simmilar tattoo and want me to design it, I'm sorry I don't design tattoos any more. I'm concentrating on other things right now. Thanks!
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Hello, your art work is very impressive, have you every thought about making a living off your art? We at the Master Tattoo Institute can make this possible. We would like to offer you a special offer from the school because of your artistic ability, if this is sounds like something you could be interested in give us a call at (888-227-9442), or check out our website
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Sweet, Im gonna do a 3D object out of it, Ill give you credits for it ofc ;3 
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So beautiful!..
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Thanks you so very deeply 
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I feel in love and I got it tattooed on a large portion of my back.  I connected with it right away almost as if it was drawn just for me even though I know it was not that's the amazing thing about art it speaks to everyone in a different way.  For me it was about not forgetting about a loved one of mine whom lives far from me and has had a hard life filled with addiction and illness.  It now also has a added meaning as I have a Son named Odjn 
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:D Divné veci sa vskutku dejú. Tento dizajn poznám už dlho, ale netušila som, kto je autorom. Dnes som náhodne pozerala surrealistickú galériu na DA a zrazu som sa našla, ako hľadím na originálny návrh tetovania. Nu, ostala som paf, odhaliac, že je to vaše dielo (potešilo ma to :). Vašu tvorbu poznám z obálok kníh Juraja Červenáka, neskôr z LoL. Neviem ako by som vám zložila poklonu tak, aby to nebolo klišé, a tak prosto: Heart .
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hehe diky moc! Tento obrazok je fakt sranda. Kedysi davno som ho robil pre kamosa, ktory si ho nakoniec nedal. Odvtedy zije svojim vlastnym zivotom. Ma ho vytetovany uz naozaj vela ludi, niektore tetovania som videl, ale stava sa mi ze napriklad moj brat niekoho stretne a ten ma toto tetovanie, bez toho aby vedel odkial je :D
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This tattoo inspired me. I had tough times in my life recently and I came up with a quote that helped me. When I saw this tattoo it fit exactly what I was looking for.

"Like a bird, we cant fight the winds that make us fly." 

Thank you so much for this design. It means a lot to me. (even though you dont know me :XD: )
Hello, I am a Scout in Canada, We are getting hoodies and shirts with a logo on them. We had youth make designs and vote. The chosen design happened to have your tattoo in it without our knowledge. I just received a call from the printing company about your image saying that I must have the artist's permission for them to print it.
Also, I love the design

Your Tattoo…

The Shirts……
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Hello, thank you for letting me know. Yes, you have my permission to use the image for the T-shirts. 
All the Best

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I love it I got it done a month ago go to my insta and you'll se it carlos_salvetti
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Hi,very god of you to let it be used for tattoos, Thankyou.
finished it today on my good friend, link here!…
speleochick's avatar…   Thank you for the inspiration. I hope you like what I did with it. I know I like how it turned out.
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I've come back to this tattoo design about 20 times in the past few years.
Thinking to get something similar tattooed, using this as a reference, would that be ok too...?
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great work! like it ♥
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Hi. I'd like to use this image to illustrate a series of Edgar Allan Poe books. May I have your permission? 
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Hi, yes you have my permission
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Thank you very, very, very much. you are awsome!
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Thank you very, very much! =) 

you are awsome!
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 I find it amazing how you take all the obligations (man playing, raven and cathedral, light) and make them fit together. (tell me i that is bad english)
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I absoloutely love this, every so often I find it in my favourites again just to look at it (: so beautiful
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