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Overlord - 16years old

By michalivan
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Concept for a player character- Overlord. The Overlord in this game is a 16 year old boy so the armour is a little big for him :)

This design is for Overlord: Dark Legend (WII game).
It was produced by Climax and published by Codemasters

Painted in Photoshop
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Devil-Mech-IronsHobbyist Traditional Artist
"My Lord, what are your orders?"
  "Like, give me a minute, gosh!" (Is looking on his phone)
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HyenaxHobbyist Digital Artist
This is so badass! And also kinda cute :D
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Nemesisprime91Student Writer
Great Character Design, lousy game. I'm sorry I really am. But there are a LOT of reasons to dislike the game

Cons of Overlord DL:

o Poor graphic quality
o Wonky controls IE you go to command the minions to attack something and instead grab one and start shaking it for explosion.
o Short Gameplay
o Life force is for all minions not just one like in Previous Overlord games
o No mistress. 
o conflicting continuity with other games
o Way to easy to horde minion force and Gold
o No other difficult settings. (That i can find at least.)

Now for the pros...its not much sadly.

Pros of Overlord DL:
o Excellent Story Idea (It was just executed wrong.)
o Character Designs (once you get pass the Graphic Quality)

The Wii of Overlord isn't all what its cracked up to be; don't do what i did players and buy this game. It's great for Fledgling Overlords in training, but not for the hardcore Tyrants of Evil.
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o     Actually i never had a problem controlling the minions except i always had trouble grabbing them to throttle them
o      and the graphics were in my opinon acualy good just the charictures are not the best looking people (with a few exceptions)
o      but the no mistress part was a downer but the game did feel like it was left on a cliffhanger like the story was just getting started
o       and what continuity errors i am a huge fan of the overlord franchise and have looked at the story for all four games in detail and it seamed to fit just fine

Herr Llama Emperor I'm on fire! 
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Nemesisprime91Student Writer
The graphics are based on the type of TV used and we have a very poor one, so I can let that one slide.

The controls though are spoken from someone who never used the Wii system before, just the PS3 controller so that one can slide as well.

In regard to the continuity error, take a look at Overlord.


The second overlord says that he took possession of the Wizards body, one of eight heroes who faced down the Second Overlord. In DL though, Gnarl said that Evil always finds a way at the end of the game meaning that the Overlad may have been overthrown BEFORE growing up to be this second Overlord thus making the events of Overlord never happen.


Now you can argue that the Overlad did grow up to become this second Overlord, but his reign must have been full of fighting to keep his position and power leading him to get weaker and weaker with each fight. I also think Triumph studios also claimed that DL wasn't part of the timeline as the first two games. I would like it be a prelude to Overlord though but it'll have to go back to the drawing board before it can be a actual prelude. As i said, the story was great, but i would have loved it if the followed the actual Overlord formula instead of this kiddie show.
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i think that overlord dark legend is probably generations before overlord 1

though i believe dark legends greatest weakness was that it was too short
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Nemesisprime91Student Writer
Then if it was Generations before Overlord 1...how was person in the wizard the SECOND overlord if the Overlad was the Second? Recall that Gnarl called the Black Baron the First Overlord in Overlord 2.
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In Overlord Dark Legend, Knödel has taken his job as Jester.
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actually he never mentions the black baron in overlord 2 and he also mentions seeing many overlords come and go and the many different ways they have been dethroned and gromgard is referred to in the wiki as the first overlord because he is the first one to physically appear chronologically in the games
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Nemesisprime91Student Writer
See, this is why i think the Title Overlord is EARN through truly vile deeds. If there were, these other masters were nothing more but weak.
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your mostly right the title is sort of earned as gnarl does state in overlord 2 there were evil candidates before the overlad but they wernt good enough so they were disposed of before the title of Overlord could be granted to them
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The Dark Legend Overlord was the first Playabel Overlord.
I would even say that the Village in Overlord and Overlord dark legend the same is, caus you get greatet by the same 2 farmer.
But in Overlord the Village is Bigger cause it has Grown under the Leading fist of the Overlord out of Dark Legend.
Besides in Dark legend it ends that the Dwarfs and Elf start a War against ech other.
In Overlord you get toold from the elfs how the Dwarfes Attacked.
And i think the Raided Castel is that castel where your story starts in Dark Legend.
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Greenvale and the lands of overlord 1 are two completely different areas
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slog11Student Traditional Artist
Overlord cool
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TommyGKProfessional Artisan Crafter
Your pic was stolen [link]
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Schlegel120 Digital Artist
Reminds me of the Witch King from the lord of the rings series.
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cool but i think we need more overlord games -w-
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Very awesome looking. Nicely done! :)
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YouAreMore1Hobbyist Digital Artist
wow..........i'm speachless
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Kingdom-dragonheartHobbyist General Artist
This is so epic! Would you do one of him without the armor, like from the begining of the game?
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raulgonzalezartProfessional Traditional Artist
so good man , Loving your stuff so much
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nice :)
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WSLaFleurStudent Digital Artist
excellent, i really admire the completion of the concept.
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corrupt-purificationHobbyist Artist
It's so cool! The very first Overlord game I ever played was this one and I fell in love with both the game and the Overlord. I own the first Overlord game for the Xbox and I'm stuck on a level with Zombies D:
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