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Koschei the Deathless

Hi, everybody I haven't posted anything for a looong time, well it has been kind of hard time for me. Good thing is everything is getting better now. So here is my new work for trilogy about Bogatyrs (by slovak writer Juraj Cervenak). You can see the previous two covers in my gallery.

C&c are most welcome
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A rather visceral dipiction well done
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Possibly the most dynamic depiction of Koschei I have ever seen!
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Seriously this is amazing!
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really good work
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Zombie Voldemort!
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is it really voldemot i don't think so
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May I have your permission to use him as my avatar here on DeviantArt?
Additionally, this is my favorite picture of an "undead" ever.
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woah man, that's... that's just epic!
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love the composition.i really dig the layout and how you can just Barely see the castle. the one thing negative that stand out to me is the way you painted around the head of the creature. it stands out to me. that area might of been better if the cloud line followed behind the head.

great piece !
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Excellent colors! Great job!
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Freaking epic colour choices; amazing detail. Love your style.
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Amazing detail, amazing feeling. You blow my mind mate ;)
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you could do well enough as a Magic trading card game artist =)
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The pose reminds me of something from I think The mummy? *looks unsure* hmm that's a weird association.. but anyways: great work!

Thank you so much for adding your work to Digital Delicacies :rose:
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Кощей Бессмертный, FUCK YEAH!!
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He is real badass!!! Great work!

*And this is a Koschei from old russian movie: [link] :))))
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Millyar did excellent acting in this movie, but it's actually not first appearance of Koschei the Deathless! He started in ancient Slavic mythology!
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ew! thats kinda scary! really good though, way to give me nightmares too lol jk
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it's your best artwork! I love your style
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Wow, man! I never thought Koschei is so scary! Amazing pic!
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