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Jungle Hulk

Hi all. Here is a new piece for my new portfolio. It's a fan art/cover sample of Marvels hulk. Hope you'll like it

And yes the water is orange. It should have been jungle river at first, but I loved the orange color so I left it that way. Jungle rivers are orange ([link]), but not this much, I know.

edit: After some time I realized I didn't really like the Hulk, so I changed his face and tryied to fix some anatomy issues. Thanks for the crits.!
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Please do another full portrait of Hulk soon. Best Hulk ever done. ÅWESOMENESS!!!™ ÅÅÅ+
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All I can hear in my head is "TARZAN SMASH!" Nice work, bro.
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Is the top of the Hulk's head missing?
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Excelente trabajo
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Time for more HULK!!! Awesomeness!!!!
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Fook me.  It's Berserker Jungle Hulk!

Hulk Smash.
This is great!!!!
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I'll never get tiredof this picture. It's unique and amazing.
hulk anger!!!!
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This is WAY awesome!
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I actually feel bad...for the crocodiles! "hulk needs new shoes"
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wow, that is cool!
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Super bad ass! Your Hulk looks so awesome!
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We featured this artwork on our blog "Must See The Avengers Illustrations [[link]
our Twitter [[link]
our Facebook [[link]
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Thanks! I appreciate it a lot!
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nice colors and composition!
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