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Personal work. I really enjoy doing these experiments, it helps me explore the passion I had in art when I was doing it just for fun.

Create your own explanation if you wanna know what it is :)
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looks like something out of hannibal the tv show
I love it though, must've taken you hours to do wow 
it's very creative 
mirandaadria's avatar
Gorgeous and creepy all at once. I frickin' love it! :clap::heart:
LGuiDrawings's avatar
This is just perfect...
DAZUMA's avatar
S - U - P - E - R - B.
VR85's avatar
Looks great!
FueraDelLimite's avatar
Entheogen trip! Juggle 
alivegoku21212's avatar
This is really good and extraordinarily unnerving
SonofChinglu's avatar
This is beautiful and kind of disgusting at the same time. Somebody might want to nuke that thing from orbit.
"We are Legion. We are one."
Khasdannyanlord's avatar
i was creating some background for a room for forgetfullness... i like the colors scheme its amazing... and the compostion... sublime!
Herp-Teh-MUFFINZ's avatar
Reminds me of Akira, except with less technology mixed in with the writhing mass of flesh.
9000Kelvin's avatar
well say hello to the gate from a egg of the king cuz this is berzerk. Though its honestly quite original and very cool
SandmanPeterick's avatar
Epic, it kind of reminds me of NGE 
UltimateR's avatar
I am Legion.
Reminds me of Castlevânia.
Great art work.
FireLaBaise's avatar
It's ... godlike.
DrawnaudStuff's avatar
This is very organic but so amazing! it reminds me of the game Agony in a way.
EvilWall's avatar
It is the gateway to the dreamlands.  There is no way in with a physical body.  It must be consumed and transformed.
Xerxan's avatar
very Lovecraftian 
IxisNyx's avatar
Ok, but why, though?!?! O__O
vh1660924's avatar
It looks a hell spawn from Hell.
Lord-Naraku's avatar
This is darkly beautiful in a macabre kind of way. It invokes several different emotions from me upon seeing it and a bit awe inspiring as well. Like you are so small, a pebble in the infinite abyss of the universe. I love the colors as well. Really beautiful work.
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