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I started with digital art by doing fantasy book covers. Nowadays I do a lot of other stuff, but sometimes is nice to go back and do another one of these. In the messy style like before

btw. here you can see book cover for the same book I did 11 years ago:…
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Great work. How's things going?

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i don't think it's a messy style ,it's just perfect

i bow my head in respect


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A very fitting cover for the book, my good sir. The original rendition from all those years ago looks pretty good too. :)
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I do like older cover, but I find this one so much better. There is something mesmerizing in it, in that blue above and in black on white and red on white and white on black, in crows feeding on dead, in the way plants and horse's mane and rider's figure are tilted to one side and how torn black cloak frames his lean form with one bloddied arm outstretched.
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она выглядит опасно
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это он.
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Toto je pecka, Mišino!
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Very nice! Awesome work.
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Wow, amazing work!
I'm really getting a LOK vibe from this <3
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Very cool I actually did some work on Legacy of Kain reboot that never happened :)
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You're welcome!
I didn't know there had been a reboot that was canceled, this is sad u_u Are these works in your gallery? I would love to see them Bouncy Meow 
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Great work. Nice contrast between the warm red and the cold, almost frosty blue.
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dramatic the colors are beyond!
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I love the moon-illuminated structure in the background
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No, really, this is insane!
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Great details and colors
Darling. This is nice. Sell prints.
*meant to say "daaaaang" Stupid phone.
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How the heck am I the first comment on this??? THIS IS AMAZING! I love the colors used, the composition, the almost oil painting feel of this, everything is just spectacular. Great work!! :D :clap:
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thank you! glad you like it
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