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Death by Flames
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By michalivan   |   Watch
Mature  |  Published: October 16, 2015
© 2015 - 2019 michalivan

Illustration I painted for DEGENESIS IN THY BLOOD based on a sketch by the awesome Marko Djurdjevic.

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Adobe Photoshop CS6 (Windows)
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Because she did not cover her hair? B-)
Yeah I am going with the times...
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I know this was for Degenesis but the first thing that came to my mind was the Inquisition near the Mendevian Crusaders in Pathfinder perverting the religion of Iomedae. Anyhow, you earned my watch!
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The art is so well done...
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I suppose you are fed up with the fact every body could say "awesome, wow, amazing, stunning, etc..." I would like to describe the fact I find it so inspiring, I shall find another superlative. I guess a movie based on you picture could never render the force depicted in all your picutres.
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DorshiffeHobbyist General Artist
To actually see an execution, and a burning especially, barbaric as it may be, I think it's would be fascinating and thrilling. To actually see a soul wither in pain and finally leave the body and the actual world, let alone the memory of it. It's evil (I guess) but I'd love to see one I think. Or maybe not, I don't know for sure as I never so one, but in the occidental world it seems so unreal that seeing this girl ready to be burned alive, brings up something terrible from my guts, the impulse making me wanting to witness death by execution before my own death occurs. I don't mean witness anyone being shot to death, or rolled over by a car, drown, anything like that, but an execution, a real one, with a crowd watching, an executioner, a condemned (villain if possible but I really don't care about the context that much, it's the death that I would be interested in).

I know it's immoral, I do not desire to cause pain to anyone, I don't agree with death penalty, torture and all, I abhor the madmen of KKK and all demented killers over the world, but I just wanted to tell about the effect this kind of image has on me, on my inner drives, this kind of things. Don't hate me for my Dasein, I'm just saying this, not willing any execution to actually occur just for my curiosity. Even if I can think of a few people I would send to the furnace without much hesitation :p Peace.

And very nice art by the way, the composition, the emotion, the light, and the boobs of course.
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Be careful - there are a lot of trigger-happy individuals here who will jump on you as soon as you mention or suggest anything even remotely "offensive". Some SJWs can be almost as vicious as ISIS itself when it comes to persecuting anyone who doesn't share their POV.
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VladimirSchmidtProfessional Interface Designer
Super svetlo!!!
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ThierryCravatteHobbyist Digital Artist
Great scene ! Inquisition is one of the darkest times of humanity ! ;)
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SwajaHobbyist Digital Artist
Amazing painting, the lighting makes it so vibrant, I love the colors too <3
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Nick-MatulichStudent Traditional Artist
Keep up the good work.
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The art is so well done... I love it! :D
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TechnOkamiStudent General Artist
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"Behold the fate of the heathen and the heretic! The end of all those who turn their back on God are the same: to be cleansed away in fire! Death to the infidel and the pagan! Let the pyres of purification be our sign to God of our unquestioning faith! Let their every scream of pain and agony as their tainted flesh are reduced to ashes be a vindication of God's victory! Let every roar of hatred and scorn from our throats in condemnation of their sacrilege be our praise to His glory! Let every prayer to God in heaven ask to inflict His righteous fury upon the wicked even beyond their earthly demise! Let every hope be for God to one day drown in flames the sinful world of old, to pave the way for the new world of which the pure and good shall dwell with God in paradise forevermore!"

--- Priest preaching to the masses before the mass burning of heretics. 
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DAMN. Talk about Dark Ages-type shit...
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Haven't been inspired to write something a religious fanatic would preach for a while...
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Partly to avoid offending some of my more religious friends. Partly because real-life accounts of religious fanaticism are too depressing to read. 
SkyPotatoFire's avatar
I was being sarcastic. Ever since the dawn of civilization there have been despicable acts of mass murder and depravity. This is nothing new and violence probably won't stop. In my opinion most people don't even use religion, philosophy or any movement as an excuse to act with cruelty.
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True, but religion and ideology always helps by giving some people an excuse to be horrible, and in many cases even help them get away with it.
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EnalyaArtProfessional Digital Artist
Yea, but this is so not what the Bible preaches...
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SupermanLovesAspenHobbyist Traditional Artist
That's EXACTLY what that fairy tale book preaches.
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Chapter and verse please, with full context.  Otherwise you are just talking out your arse. 
BrutalityInc's avatar
Well, there's Deuteronomy 13-15, which advised extermination of entire towns as an appropriate response to perceived idoltry or worship of religions belonging to other gods.
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