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Captain Bathory

By michalivan
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This is a cover for a fantasy book(J.Cervenak: Dablova Pevnost [link]). Published in Czech Republic.

The theme was a classical fantasy fight between the main hero and a black arabic deamon warrior. For the weapons and the armor I did get reference from the author.

I wanted to try more realistic approach and use less saturated colors than usual. Was really fun to do and I learned a lot as well.

Done in Photoshop
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The guy on the right dies, he swings his sword at an armored dude instead of stabbing. No way that's going to do anything against a vertical axe swing.
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hehe, you are overthinking it. If illustration would just copy real life it would be boooring ;)
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good work, the book must be another Solomon Kane clone judging by the hero's look...wish it were in english
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Would have been more awesome if the guy in the hat had that flintlock pistol drawn whilst swinging his sword.  Lol epic work by the way:D
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Reminds me of a scene in pathfinder! Great job!
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very cool scene, I especially liek the design of the helmet! :3
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that pirate is is owned
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Very cool, makes me want to see this battle!
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Simply Beautiful.
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Congratulations ! "Captain Bathory" has been elected "Warrior of the Week" !
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Excellent work. But while we're on the topic of realistic...Why is he using two hands on a basket-hilt sword? They are swords designed for one-hand use.
Hope this constructive criticism helps.
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yeah, was thinking the same here. Also no one who learned swordfighting would get his sword "that" much behind him. You want your sword in front of you, becuase otherwise, well you are dead. Same with the axe guy. The horns are the next thing. They serve absolutely no purpose and would weight too much for a human. But that doesn't annoy me quite as much, because, heck, he's a demon(also: who needs to see the enemy when you can look at pretty chainmail all the day) ;) The cloak is kinda useless, but again quite badass. The weapons and armor in itself are fairly realistic though.
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Good work, excellent scene.
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what technique do you use to paint chain-mail?
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this is fucking bad ass!
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Breath taking. A black arabick deamon warrior! It's almost too cool to comprehend and you did an amazing job. I'm smiling just looking at it.
Mangatellers's avatar
Amazing cover! Excellent art work! The poses of the characters are amazing and their outfits are great. Well done! :D
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Very cool. I like how the trees look like they were done with watercolors. It's all digital? Really nice lighting on the armor.
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Cool characters and great battle dynamic.
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This looks great. Like a clash between two civilisations, or ages. I enjoy it!
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