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Soon the new year will start on the calendar.

Reviewing the past year is optional.
For me, it was good. It had it's up and downs too.
Without them it would not be as interesting as it was.

Now, I wait for the new calendar year to begin.
And I hope it will bring me enough time for more beautiful art work
in painting and photography to share.

May the new year be good for you too;
filled with Love and Happiness.…
A little poem I wrote this morning.
Summer is over.
Autumn has come.
Had a lot of fun
working on paintings.

They are online now.
Some more are planned.
Will show them
when they are done.

Have a nice day, and do go through my galleries.
You never know what gems are hidden in there.

Happy Birthday Devianart!!

Recently I have upploaded a few more photos.

Still working on some more paintings that might be uploaded here too.

Everyone visiting here --

have a great day!!
added old stuff in the beginning
and newer things now

response when I was new here was great
now I have nearly no response on adding a new thing

and "selling" any prints seems hopeless here too *sulks*

won't stop me from creating new art and photos
but might stop me adding them here
I'm new here - this is my first upload and entry :D

More to come once I found my way around.

Wish all a good day!