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Hey, my book "Mark Brandis: Verrat auf der Venus" (Treason on Venus) is nominated – and now on the shortlist – for the German Phantastik Award. If you like my work you can vote there (scroll down to Kategorie Comic until you find the title). Two days are left to vote! Here you go:

Thank you for your help!
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Finally, it's here: My book "Ein seltsamer Tag: Robotermärchen" (A Strange Day: Tales of Robots). Every episode we (author Olaf Brill and myself) have done so far is collected in this album. 31 episodes with one, two – or in one case 4 – pages are included in this book togehther with an exclusive 5-page epilogue and an extensive "making-of"-section. I am really happy with it and hope the readers will enjoy it, too.
Of course it's "only" in german at the moment, we are looking for publishers all over the world, though. I think the themes and stories are universal and I would like readers from all over Europe and overseas to join in.
If you want to buy it, amazon has it listed right here:… But of course your local bookshop or comicshop should be able to order it, too. :)

I will be on several fairs in Germany in the next months, lookout for me at the Comiciade in Aachen, Comicmesse in Berlin, Comicsalon in Erlangen and Comicinvasion in Berlin. Hope to see you there!
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I just discovered that my latest book "Mark Brandis: Verrat auf der Venus" (Treason on Venus) is on the longlist for the german Phantasik-Award (Deutscher Phantastik Preis). I feel honored, and I would be even happier than I am right now, if the book will make it on the shortlist. There are a lot of worthy competitors so I don't think I will get the first price, but being in the shortlist would be almost as cool!

If you want to help, just give your vote to my comic-book right here: . You have to scroll a bit down till you reach the comic section and there it is: The 12th title in that column. Thank you!
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It's been some time. Sorry for not being here that much. My new comicbook kept me busy, but it's finished now and will be in stores in Germany/Austria/Swiss in mid-October. Time for me toslow down a bit, catch my breath and collect energy again. Because work on book #3 will be starting soon.

See ya!
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Nine month in labour, now the baby is out! The first book "Mark Brandis: Bordbuch Delta VII" is in print now and will be available in comic shops by Oct. 17th. Premiere will be at the "ComicAction" Convention in Essen (Oct. 13th - 16th) – I will be there to sign and draw and am looking forward to meet fans and readers.
Probably at the end of October there will be a book-signing at the "Grober Unfug" comic shop in Berlin and I will also attend the "Comicmesse Berlin" in November and a book-signing in December in Leipzig.
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Since December I am working on a large project, a comic adaption of a book series called "Mark Brandis – Weltraumpartisanen" (Mark Brandis – Space Partisans). The complete series contains 31 books. However, I will be adapting the first four books only. They are telling the story of a space-ship crew who is forced to fight against a fascist regime that overtook their home country (in this case a union of Europe, Africa and America).

The Author of the books, Nicolai von Michalewsky, was born in the 1930's and was an eyewitness to the Nazi regime in Germany. He used the story to describe how a democracy can fail and fall back in to an atavistic state, what that will do to humanity and the cost of it to every individual – in this case the main protagonist Mark Brandis and his crew.

I always wanted to do a comic version of these books  – since the first time I read them when I was a kid. I used to think would be great to have the quite political story as a reminder to what happened in Germany in the 1930's. With all what's going on in the world right now, Trump as a potential presidential candidate in the USA, the rise of right-wing and even fascist parties in Europe and especially in Germany, I think these books and my adaption are horrifying close to actual events.
It's one more reason why i HAVE to do these comic books now.
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Guten Rutsch und ein glückliches neues Jahr!

Feliz ano nuevo!

Bonne année!

Felice anno nuevo!
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After my recent DD a lot of people noticed my page here at dA and I got about 100 or 150 new watchers. So to all new (and older) watchers:

Hello there! Welcome to my gallery.
Have fun browsing, feel free to like or comment and mostly – have fun! I will post as many pics as I can and hope you will enjoy them.

Have a nice day!
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Thanks to for suggesting the page for a daily deviation! I am honored and very happy, that featured it. :) This totally makes my day!

A Strange Day Episode 09-col by MichaelVogt
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So, my "El Jugador"-graphic novel is almost finished (except for some fine tuning of the text), it seems I have found a (german) publisher for "A Strange Day" and just started skribbling page layouts for my new book(s). It seems this will be a good year. :)
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I hope your year 2014 was good and that the coming one will even be better!

Best wishes,
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It's been about one year since my last journal update. I am really sorry for that and hope I'll be a good boy in the future and post more updates. ;)

So it's june and germanys largest comic-event will start in a few days in the nice city of Erlangen (More infos:… ). I'll be there to find a publisher for some comic-projects I prepared – and of course I will sit at the booths of Alligatorfarm, U-Comix and maybe even Panini who already are publishing my works. So if you have time, come visit me there.

Hope to see you.
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If you ever wanted to read some of my comics in english, here is a chance: The latest issue of the swedish, but english-speaking magazine "Cestbon" features 7 episodes of "A Strange Day". If you want a sneak peek, i posted the drawings in my dA-gallery:… .

"A Strange Day" is a series of stories about a nameless robot worker who encounters bizarre beings or odd situations in his every-day-life. I started the series with author Olaf Brill two years ago, it has since been published by german sci-fi-magazine "Phantastisch!. With "Cestbon" Vol. 22 the episodes are appearing in english for the first time. You can buy the magazine here: or contact the makers at facebook:…
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Just recognized I have exactly 200 watchers! Thanks guys for stopping by and looking at my works. This is very encouraging. Special thanks to all of you who take the time to comment. I very appreciate this.
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It's been two years or even more since I had the chance to sign some of my books at a con. But this weekend I am back in the saddle at "Comicinvasion Berlin", a small festival for independent publishers. I will sign issues of "Die Toten 1" (The Dead"), a comic about a zombie outbreak in Germany.  So if you are in Berlin, come around!

More info:…
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Doomsday hasn't arrived yet. So I think I still have to buy some christmas presents and can wish you all a merry christmas.

The past year was a bumpy ride, I  had to undergo some serious surgery and spent about 3 month in hospital. On the other hand I had enormous success as an illustrator, some great, fullfilling and well-paid jobs and I am extremely happy with the work I'm doing on the "A Strange Day"-series. I am looking forward to next years challenges.

Wishing you the best,
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Didn't want the last journal entry stand there forever. ;)
So, what's new? I am starting to re-arrange my life and to put more emphasis on things I like to do instead putting things first, that will just get me paid. Not that it's not important to have paying customers – I am glad that I have some of those. But if I want to achieve some of my goals (i.e. a new comic book next year), I will have to shift the time I'm spending on "only work" to "work I really dig". Hope, that will work.

Some of the "work I really dig" are new in my gallery. Check it out if you not already did. ;)

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After spending more than 10 weeks in hospital I'm finally back in the real world. Time to take a look around and show some of my more or less recent works. And start some new works, too, of course. Happy to be here again!
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2012 is not the end.

As I learned a few days ago by watching a documentary. The Mayans percieved time not as a line, which stretches to infinity with every single point on it as a unique event, like we do. They saw time as a circle, which will repeat itself once in a while. And this is what happens (in mayan thinking) on December 22, 2012: The circle starts from the beginning.

A nice thought to start the year, don't you think? At least better than the ending of the world. ;)
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  • Drinking: Coffee's christmas! What happened to 2011? It passed way to fast, I almost had no time to take a deep breath now and then. Now, with the holidays ahead, things even seem to speed up before finally slowing down for the last days of this year.

I hope you'll enjoy the holidays. Have a nice and jolly christmas!
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