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By MichaelVogt
Another panel of my upcoming comic.
I really like the robot.

Pencils and inks by me, colors by Simon Eckert
Tools: Pencil, Wacom, Mangastudio, Photoshop

© character vpm
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© 2008 - 2021 MichaelVogt
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In hochsten Höhen, :)  erinnert mich an alte "Incal" Zeiten, hach...
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Moebius/Giraud hat mich sehr beeinflusst, das steckt in vielen meiner Zeichnungen einfach mitdrin... :)
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:happybounce: freut mich sehr das zu hören, ich glaub´ich werd´jetzt Dauergast auf Deiner Seite:D (Big Grin) 
MichaelVogt's avatar
Gerne! Du bist immer willkommen. Und ich bemühe mich, wieder etwas mehr zu posten. ;)
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Verdammt hübsch und sexy. ^^ Gibt´s eigentlich eine Beschreibung/Vorstellung (oder sowas in der Art) von ihr bzw. ihres Volkes ? Würde mich echt interessieren...
MichaelVogt's avatar
Merci bien! Keine Ahnung, vielleicht wirst Du bei Perrypedia fündig. Ich bin selber kein Perryleser und musste mich da auf die Beschreibung durch den Autoren inspirieren lassen. ;)
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Wow, dass hast du echt gut gemacht. Es sieht ja toll aus!
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i wont agrue with you , ok it's just my idea...
have a nice day
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i dont think so sorry but its not nice :S you can draw with clothes trust me it'll be nicer than this
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Well, the girl is a character created by others (and exists since the 70's) - and she's always naked. But she is not human either.

And I think there are few things that are as beautiful as the human body - why cover it with clothes? Especially in the case of that nice non-human girl? ;)
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Seconded. Faved. :)
thorbad's avatar
Faved! ;)
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The comic looks like something to look forward too. Yeah, that bot looks pretty cool.
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Thanks! WIll be published in Germany in June or July.
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when is your book comming out? and whats it called?
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The book is called "Perry" and will be published in spring 09 in Germany. Look here: [link]
This Panel is from a 8-pages-story I illustrated for the book.
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i like it so far, is it a long book or a regular issue?
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Its a regular issue, the book is published 3- or 4-monthly and has about 40-50 pages (sorry, no issue at hand right now).
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ausgesprochen schön geworden!
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