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By MichaelVogt
Illustration for a short story by Dirk Alt "Die Läuterung" (The Purification). Published in "Exodus"-magazine.

Done in Mangastudio and Photoshop.
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This looks grim...well executed sir!
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Thank you! It's a harsh story about a "Hitler-youth"-like camp. Frightening story.
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Wow! That's the kind of stuff we MUST know; this stuff must never be buried - especially by political correctness.
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Actually, this one is set in the future. With the rise of right-wing extremists and fascist parties all over Europe and the world, it's not only a thing of the past. We have to be beware, that history won't repeat itself.
My book "Mark Brandis" is a parable of the "Machtergreifung", the seizing power over Germany by Hitler – only set in the future, where half of the world is a united, democratic and diverse union.
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Thanks for the share sir - but the reason far-right parties come to pass, is when those elected in government, cannot be bothered to help those who are struggling and incapable of climbing the ladder.

Hitler rose because of the treaty of Versailles.

Be honest: you are starving; one person plans to offer you bread if you support them, the other gives you bread if you support them.

Who would you go for?

Besides, the Far-Right are nothing - they had their shot, they failed in WW2 and we can see them; the ones we should be really scared of, are the ones who hide their true intentions with good deeds.