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White Bear and Little Chickin


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White Bear and Little Chickin


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I Love Graphic Design


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News - dAhub Closing

:bulletblue: Description August 11th, 2018: This is an announcement that I will be discontinuing support for the dAhub bot.  This account will continue to exist, but the bot will be terminated in the near future. In the next few days I will refactor the bot to automatically issue refunds, specifically for donations received in the past few weeks that have not yet been processed.  My intent is to close out all outstanding balances owed in a responsible manner so that the bot may be taken offline indefinitely sometime in the coming weeks. I expect this announcement may appear sudden and unexpected to many.  I want to emphasize that this dec


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Landing Page - USA. Team Comrades

Web Layouts

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Photo Manipulation

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Thank You... ^^


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Flag Journey

Painting and Drawing

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Watch Dogs

3D Art

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White Bear and Little Chickin


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Tutorial: Construction

Tutorials Stocks Resources

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One Click Llama Button Helper v0.18.2(out of date)


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Get Moar Points Stamp


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Raising Points To Get 200,000 Llamas!

I'm using my points to get 100,000 llama badges on llamalist (https://www.deviantart.com/llamalist) and CoolKaius (https://www.deviantart.com/coolkaius). :thumb159433712: :thumb184543169: Donate any amount of points to my main account CoolKaius (https://www.deviantart.com/coolkaius) only. Donate any amount of points to get: - 34 llama badges, one time only - I will give badges on a monthly basis and notify you of which accounts you got llamas from - llama-list (https://www.deviantart.com/llama-list) features are on hiatus. Click here to learn more. I will resume features to everyone who has donated as soon as I am able to - Feel free to note me with any questions, concerns, or refund requests

Llama Stuff

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desert stock 4


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