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Sonder - Rainmeter skin

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Updated: January 10, 2022 - Download Rainmeter

Download Sonder here or on Github

    Forest Path

Centered/Transparent Taskbar

Included Skins:
Time and Date (based on Elegance by lilshizzy)
-12hr, 24hr, vertical, horizontal, and transformable layout, custom colors, scaling, and formatting.
-Handwritten skin (Laro mod)
-Large Date skin (Ageo mod)
-Global Date and more...
(based on AstroWeather by xxenium)
-Gets data from Weather Channel website (updated for August 2020 Weather Channel API)
-8 variants
-Click current temperature to open the settings to customize.
-Change any text or icon color.
-Hourly info displayed on hover
-Minimal Monthly Calendar
-Options for Sunday/Monday first, open Google Calendar, and To-do List.

Everyday Habit Calendar and Tracker
-A full year calendar to help you stay on top of your daily habits or goals.
-Keeps track of your current streak number (days without breaking the chain)
-Month-view to track individual habits.
-Settings for customizing any color and open at a certain time as a reminder.

World Map
-Track the international Space Station on a map and data on when it passes over your area, including the humans onboard.
-Data on the next 5 Rocket Launches
-World Clock
-Weather Radar Data
-Dynamic Day/Night Shadow

System (based on illustro)
-Overall CPU % and RAM usage. (GPU%, Swap, and Core Temp options available in settings)
-Advanced System stats skin using HWiNFO 6.42 (based off raiguard's Modern Gadgets code)
-Click on System text to open Task Manager.
-Ability to change bar color, height, width, and scale.

Bluetooth, Wifi, Power, Sleep, & Lock toggles, Volume & Brightness adjustment bars

Network Graph (based on Enigma by Kaelri)
-Network info and automatic adjusting graph/text of up/down usage.
-Click on graph to open Resource Monitor
-Ability to change any color

Recycle bin
-Right Click to empty, Left Click to Open. 

Dot-based Visualizer (based on code by XukaKun)
-Check it out, you'll love it.

Version History
   • 1.11.2022 - v22.1.0: 
Update Weather API for January 2022 (And add a setting for you to manually update it if needed)

   • 11.07.2021 - v21.11.0: 
- Windows 11 visual updates.
- New skins: Power, Sleep, Restart, Lock buttons, & Time_Vertical_Transformable.
- Weather: Display precip % and graph on hourly data, Weather Alert option, Sun/Moon Path hide and color options, Auto-update upon waking up computer on a new day.
- Time: Gradient option.
- WorldMap: Auto-update timezones every Sunday in March, April, September, October, & November to account for DST changes around the world.
- EverydayHabitCalendar: Custom size option.
- Sharp & Faded Edge Background option.
- Add 'Allura' font
- Theme & Visualizer Presets will now be preserved across Sonder upgrades going forward(Yay!) But your current ones will be deleted upon upgrade for this release one last time(Sorry)
- Lots of bug fixes and UI refinements.
V21.11.1: Fix TimeZoneDB API call for World Map, System-Advanced bug fix.

Full Version History/Roadmap:
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