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HI everyone! My friend and I are starting a new web comic together. He will be writing the script and I will be creating the art.

It is called Lollipop Handbook, and takes place in a post apocalyptic future where animals have evolved to the social level that mankind once held before the fall. But what will this new civilized culture do to suppress the natural and now forbidden instinctual urges of it's more carnivorous eat!

Our main website is We will be posting at least one new page there each month on the 1st. Follow there to get all the updates.

We are doing this mostly just for fun, but if you like the comic and want to see more of it, we have a Patreon set up where you can donate as little as a dollar a month. If we can gain enough support we will increase production and we have some other fun things planed. I will also be posting a lot of art to our Patreon that wont be seen anywhere else. This will be a lot of sketches, concepts, and extra making of stuff that goes in to LPH.

Check out our Patreon at…
Hope you enjoy!
LollipopHandbook Cover by MichaelPatrick42 Lollipop Handbook Pg1 by MichaelPatrick42 LollipopHandbook Pg2 by MichaelPatrick42 Lollipop Handbook Pg 3 by MichaelPatrick42
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