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I first joined deviantArt August 13, 2006. I had a different account and a very different life then. I was selling cars, had no time to focus on my art, and was very unhappy...That page is still up, like a time capsule, I have not touched it since 2007. At that time there was not much place in my life for my art.  I felt like I was trapped in a Bullpen:iconbullpen:
That Yellow Bastard by MichaelPatrick42 Walls once Glorified by MichaelPatrick42 Mother Earth by MichaelPatrick42 Resurrection by MichaelPatrick42

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War by MichaelPatrick42

In 2010 I decided to go back to Art school in the San Francisco Bay Area to finish my BA. On August 7th, 2010, I created this new dA account. A fresh start, which is what I wanted for my life. That was 4 years ago today!
Love and Haight by MichaelPatrick42 Color Circle by MichaelPatrick42

Uktena the Eternal Serpent Diety by MichaelPatrick42 Ashli Concept Revisit by MichaelPatrick42 Dawn Painting by MichaelPatrick42
In school I began to paint digitally for the first time in my life at the age of 30. I knew I had a lot to learn about the technical application of my art! Over the past few years I feel like my technique has improved a lot. I continue to constantly learn and attempt to work in different styles.

Zalli Dawnburner of the Goremound Tribe by MichaelPatrick42 Dragon Witch Detail by MichaelPatrick42 Calypsis Davyn the Steel Siren by MichaelPatrick42
WoW Chibi Light Bringers Vigil by MichaelPatrick42 SheRa Khan by MichaelPatrick42 Rainbow Dash by MichaelPatrick42
These days I am working as a freelance Concept  and Graphic Design Artist. I'm not getting rich by any means, but I am surviving, and most importantly...I am much, much happier!Free Ute Civilians by MichaelPatrick42
Egyptian Solar Disk by MichaelPatrick42
Through 8 years and many changes in my life dA has been there for me, helping to provide a supportive forum for all of us Artists. I support dA, and want to thank the community and the developers for the amazing thing that has been created here!

Happy Birthday deviantArt!

And many more...

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