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Lollipop Handbook: Page 7


Atomic Paw Print is happy to bring you LPH page 7! This month we flash back again to Alabaster's youth, and get a glimpse of a dark memory from his past...Stay tuned and find out what happens next in Lollipop Handbook!

As always feel free to give us feedback or ask questions of the creative team. Let us know what you think!

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*sits back and watches* hm, got the short end of the stick there... Maybe a bigger one could have knocked the wolf out.
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That wolf is a pretty big meanie, I know. Seems like a lot to go through just for an object lesson...have you ever seen the drivers ed movie "Red Asphalt"? Is that still a thing?

Don't worry though...everything is not as it seems...;)

Thanks for reading, I always enjoy your comments!
MrIHaveASword's avatar
I will guess since she says "I will accept exile" That she is the eater, not the wolf.

Also I didn't have to watch "red asphalt" in driver's ed, so donno."

And thanks for enjoying my comments, I enjoy the comic.
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We shall see....

Red Asphalt used to be a movie they showed kids to scare them in to driving safely. It featured extremely gory footage of car crashes that were really graphic...I suppose this is a similar method of "education".
MrIHaveASword's avatar
Not really that effective in most senses. Since accidents are mostly that.