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Lollipop Handbook: Page 5

Hi everyone! It is the first of July and here is the newest page of LPH! Flash back with us now and witness what transpired just moments before our adventure began.  Who are these desert assailants, and what do they want from our hero Alabaster Wick?! Read Lollipop Handbook to find out!

You can find it at our homepage

And we have a Patreon page for those who would like to support the Atomic Paw Print comics, where we post lots of exclusive material for our Patrons, and even offer prints of the pages!…

Hope you enjoy! Feel free to comment, ask questions or give us feedback on the comic. Thanks!
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And he wonders why he doesn't get to be the monster...
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Seriously! What the heck was that? Chops is definitely not the brains of the outfit.
Hey, I just uploaded LPH to… for their Scifi contest.
I would totally appreciate if you wanted to check it out and give it a rating! =D
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Sure, honestly would like more pages to come out more often. But each page is beautifully done.
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Thank you very much!
I would love to have the time to work on LPH more too. It is one of my many jobs/projects, and unfortunately one of the lowest paying. I really enjoy working on LPH though.
I think I have mentioned we have a Patreon page if you care to check it out.…
Every single dollar helps support more comics! But don't worry, they will keep coming out at least once per month for free no matter what, for at least another 5 pages or so. We shall see...