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Blink and X-23

Two of my favorite X-gals of all time, Blink and X-23! What a team, infiltration and assassination before anyone knows what hit them!

This piece was just a fan pic I did for fun. Drawn and inked by hand, then colored in PS. Hope you enjoy.
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Wicked cool styley and colours!
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Hey, thank you very much!
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Yikes, they'd be deadly. Wonderful teamup idea and lovely :)
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Thank you very much, glad you approve!

Just for fun I challenged a few of my friends to come up with their favorite two person "X" team based on overall power, functionality, actual likely-hood of the two characters working together, and sheer cool factor.  Blink and X-23 were my choices.

If you like, I extend the same challenge to you. Your pics for the best X-duo, any continuity, but remember, they should be characters who would actually function well together...
What do you think? ;)
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Oh geez, okay sure! That's going to take some thought, though. And it should be be characters who don't often work together in canon?
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They can be anyone you want, and no rush. Just a fun game making up super teams. Thanks for playing! =D
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Very cool. I'll see who I come up with :D
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