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Trophy Wife

A 'trophy wife' by most definitions is a woman that a man marries who is good looking but lacks substance and intelligence. I would call that a negative concept because we have enough historical evidence to know that a relationship based on looks alone is flawed.

This image has a similar theme to my previous image, Skin Deep, in which I've attempted to portray another negative human trait in an eye catching way. Why I've concentrated on negative concepts, I don't know. It may sound strange to you but even my conscience self sometimes stays outside of the creative loop.

Because the vast majority of my work portrays physically beautiful women, you may think that I see physical beauty as important attribute in real life and that I may want a 'trophy wife' in the future. In reality though, beauty, that lacks substance underneath it, looks good on the shelf but it inevitably collects dust (and wrinkles) over time. I am much more interested in the things that stand the test of time.

Model: Natasha Semenova - Moscow, Russia

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:bulletblue: Favorite comment to date: I love the meaning behind this. Your explanation of the piece is very moving. I'm glad that not all men out there are shallow and want trophy wives. TracyWong
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Trophies do not last. Over time (as you said) they fall.

Nice wheat in her hair.

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Very inventive!
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i have been looking at your work and i love it. is there a possibility to make tutorials?
the gold series is fantastic
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It's a wonderful picture, and it's amazing, but I can't help thinking...

I've truely seen everything.
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fabulous concept ....and so well illustrated
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That's another way of seeing a woman as an object :P
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I absolutely love this!  When I first saw it, I wasn't quite sure if you meant a trophy wife as the perfect woman or as a satire against it.  I've seen a lot of idealized representations of women in deviantART, and it's rare that I see anything with such great talent, symbolism, and feminism at the same time.  Kudos!
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she looks abit like the actress who plays in 'the hunting game', name escapes me atm (oh so tired *yawn*) really great concept and beautiful work

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wow thats amazing...!!!!
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Great work and yes it's quite a stupid idea to go on looks alone, in my book looks comes quite down the list. Before I say anything more I better :iconhumlaplz:
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1st prize must go to YOU i think
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:wow: amazing work! :+fav:
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well said and great execution!
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well said, great gallery!
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Really clever concept! I love this. Its really very brilliant.
I can see why you aren't after a trophy wife, though. I, too, find that while looks are a nice thing to have, other things mattter much more.
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