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TEAM GOLD Bryan Clay 2

Second image with 2008 Decathlon gold medalist Bryan Clay

Bryan Clay 1

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I would like a tutorial for this incredible manipulation too (^^)
Great work. Little to much work on the face IMHO. Love the skin on the upper body and the gold edits
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Beautiful. Few questions though?
1. Would asking for a tutorial on the gold making be too much to ask?
2. Do you even make tutorials?
3. If no to #2, would you be interested in starting now?
4. -Deleted, since getting the 'cartoon look' should be easy enough to find somewhere else-
5. If you don't make tutorials, how about a few quick notes guiding me in the right direction?
tsheva's avatar
ONE, you made the USA uniform look way better. And two that dripping gold made me drool and three, you're still awesome. This is all :D
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amazing work!!!
LadyStarDustxx's avatar
wicked transformation!!
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Your work is extraordinary! So professional! I wish you would do tutorials. I would pay for them.
Dani-Owergoor's avatar
"it's nice when the original photo is perfect. makes the digital part much easier."

I agree with you!
And you did an excellent job, your work is unique here, always perfect!
James-cooper's avatar
reminds me of cyborg form the titans technis initiative
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Not bad, but i've seen better from you : ) nice work tho
Iceey23's avatar
I like this. Looks cool
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dopepope's avatar
really well done
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love that gold effect. his skin looks a little too perfect and smooth on the head and face in the right one though.
PenheadDesign's avatar
Just fantastic work man! I like the original logo better this one is cool however the dripping feels redundant the picture already does that justice. The original had a more solid and bolder presence.
Hassoomi's avatar
Nice but not as perfect as the others. This looks too cartoonish imo
Kath-13's avatar
Excellent. Wish I could do this kind of thing. :clap:
eyeblackout's avatar
wooooow ... is there any tut. for this unique effect ? plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
MichaelO's avatar
probably after the series is done
eyeblackout's avatar
woooow ... nice , i'm waiting <3
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