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This is one of my personal favorites. Particularly because I had created this image based off of a friends photo of someone she knows in Russia. Little did I know that I would later go to Russia with my friend and not only meet this girl but have a photo shoot with her too! :w00t!:

When I met her she brought this jacket and I now have a picture of us together, doing this pose. This so far is the only time I've met the model after the fact and that was very exciting.

I love my job!

Model: Olya Kabulova

:bulletblue: Same model as: SKIN DEEP [link]
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She would be unforgettable, I am sure.
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It's very difficult to know why one photo is more powerfull than the others !
is it expression ? ambiance ? colors ? model ? composition ? I don't know !
it seems like this photo resume the long story of Humanity in chaos !

A great artwork !
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The photo is brilliant.

The work done in Photoshop makes the photo one of the best I have seen.
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Nice picture! She looks like she is in the Russian military. 
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She is beautiful and the ambiance is very well defined
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Very Beautiful!
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This is an amazing shot. The look is very dieselpunk, something that I'm definitely into. Model is captivating. This should be a book cover.
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очень красивые
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shes beautiful, absolutely flawless, i love it..
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Most magnificent drawing ever seen man. Really need to look hard to see difference with a real photo. Probably even better than the real photo ;)
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i love it!!! it looks so REAL!!
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what software do you use for your work its amazing
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she is really beautiful
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i love your job too Lol
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Beautiful!!! I :heart:it!
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this is more than outstanding! awww
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