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Northwest Passage

It's been a while since I've done scenery like this - mostly because it is so time consuming but I think this one was worth the time. I was inspired by the movie 'Behind Enemy Lines' which has a cool scene with an old statue standing alone in the snow.

I used the name Northwest Passage as reference to the time eons ago when Alaska and Russia were connected land masses. Seeing how I am from North America and the original photo of the model was taken in Russia, I thought it was an appropriate title.
Thanks to those who reminded me of The Neverending Story also.

If you know my work you'll see a lot of similarities between this image and Freedom's Edge and Trajian's Outpost. I think that is because it is rare that I do this sort of work and I wanted to stay within my comfort zone.

Model: Nastya Fedorova

:bulletblue: Original model image: [link]

:bulletblue: Favorite comment to date: Wow, your work is incredible! Everything in your gallery has its own flavor and message. You create this scene so beautifully... I get such a strong feeling of peace and solitude from this piece. I love it. :hug: ~xblackcherryx
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Dedicating to the memory of my beloved Uncle who just passed.
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This picture is awesomely inspiring.  
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Powerful image! It's gorgeously done :)
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What a amazing work.
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Fantastic work!
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God, I wish this was a real place.
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im in love, totally awesome !!!
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It looks cold and lonely... but very beautiful! :happycry:
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amazing work, very emotional!
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:omg:...I could imagine what it was like if ever this were animated.
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masterpiece damn cool
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awesome. The motion blur on the snow brings it to life.
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Now this one just sent my imagination into a frenzy. Somehow it draws me in. Wonderfull image.
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What this makes me remember is the Neverending Story movie.
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its cool that this is almost monochromatic, nice use of minimal color. Also that Stan Rogers song is now going through my head.
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