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I suppose it was only a matter of time before I made one of these with a familiar face. Marilyn Monroe is such a legend, she was the best choice to start with. Maybe more famous faces to come!

:bulletblue: Body model: Sara Duncan

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Never seen her like this before.
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The curves, and using the light in that way makes her face even that much sharper..Excellent!!
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Beautiful image! Beauty, Charmed and originality ! Good job ![link]
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This is so realistic ! O.O :heart:
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Your art is magic, I like BJD. Best regards.
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I am your new fan, I want to learn to do this.
do you have tutorials? $$$
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What a Beautiful edition. cut perfect, beautiful colors,
beautiful details, Congratulations on your image :D

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if possible could make a donation? can be any value,
what matters is the intention. I'm putting together for a premium account.

Thanks For Attention :hug:
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I always always want to ask. how do you get your art work like that. is it a program. or is that just your style. the way you draw. i need to know. its amazing. every time i look at your stuff i want to do what you do. its just so magnificent.
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it's all photoshop and yes, i just have a particular that looks different from others. it also makes a big difference that i start with a photograph, so the realistic look is already there.
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looks like Marilyn Monroe
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Wow, this is absolutely magnificent. I love this. Good work Michael.
p.s. do you have the pre-chopped version, I love seeing your before and after.
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Can you do these in your sleep now? ;)
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Oh man You did it again!
I'm watching amalga series from begining, and I never susposed that You will create something more awsome than last one.
And one more time I was wrong.

honestly, You did a lot of good work.

Im curius what amalgamate does it mean ?
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