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Last Race

Apparently, in the future, when all races have combined everyone will have red hair, medium skin tone, and Asian eyes. I don't think red hair would have worked too well for this image so I shaved her :p

The model for this image (Maria), living in Hong Kong but from Russian Siberia, struck me as the kind of person who is a survivor, so a futuristic image works well for her.
(she's not really bald) :giggle:

:bulletblue: High quality print available here:…

:bulletblue: Same model as: BLOSSOM TRAIL… GOLD RUSH… SHE ANN…

:bulletblue: Favorite comment to date: She is smoking! literally! :rofl: beautifully done. :) n3ll3n
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Could somebody tell me what the minimum cost is to hire a freelancer on here?
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It looks like she's a newly awakened clone, seeing herself in the mirror for the first time. Stunning.
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wah i love this
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Just wanted to inform you, that your art has been used, probabely without consent, here:…
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P.s. There was a study recently suggesting that redheads would be extinct by the 2060s. 
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This is excellent!
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This is simply stunning work! I love the shading and subtle coloring effects. Superb!
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very good artwork! Expect that your model is going to shave, because it suits her very well
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this just gave me a stunning idea for a class of people in a future world....
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I really like her skin and face XD Light behind her so much beautiful !
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This is quite well done. :)
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Where did you get that combined race theory from?
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Very very WoOow !!
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Red hair is recessive, so that doesn't make sense. The Asian eyes and the medium skin tone make much more sense, though a medium skinned majority will inherently create a variety of skin tones b/c of the way genes combine. There will never be one general shared skin tone.
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I am so stupified by the sheer perfection of this picture.
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Love all of your art!
they are unique and has a nice fresh outlook to them
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It's incredible that is only a picture!! Amazing!
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