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Crocodile Tears

'Crocodile Tears' is a term used a lot in theater to describe fake crying. The expression also comes from an ancient anecdote that says 'crocodiles weep in order to lure in their prey.'
This artwork is meant o depict a model/sculpture that is so real, it is able to cry and in turn, lure the artist to her.

I should also mention that I LOVE SHORT HAIR on women. I'd say it is my favorite aesthetic attribute. I know that isn't a common thing for a guy to think but I believe it takes a very beautiful and feminine face to pull it off, like what you see here.

Model photo by: :iconkatanaz-stock:

:bulletblue: DETAIL: [link]

:bulletblue: REFERENCE IMAGES: [link]

Freatured in issue 52 of Advanced Photoshop Magazine

:bulletblue: Favorite comment to date: I agree with your love of short hair, not every woman can pull it off! O wise master your realism is stunning, and your imagination is as well! *robjoeball

EDIT: Changed the paintbrush to an airbrush / added paint bottle / added crocodile texture background.
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Stunning work!  What creativity!
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Short hair really is beautiful. I've cut my hair short before.. it's around my jaw length now, but I like the style.
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Fantastic work!
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I really love your fine textures and details. Also the expression on her face is wonderfully vulnerable. 
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out of the world.....just loved the way you make each artwork
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guy to guy i agree that short hair is beautiful
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Fantastic image with a great concept! I adore your work!
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Great work and realistic
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still love this image :)
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Funny you mention the short hair thing. It doesn't look like her much, but when I first saw the pic on your front page I thought it was based on Winona Rider, another doll that can pull off short locks and look dead sexy.
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wowwwwwwwww ur a beautician tooo its great ,
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You are tripping me out. looks awesome
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Oh, so sweet and sad and beautiful.....
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they are the shaped-womans we taste tomorrow
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I love all of your pictures so much! And every picture I look at seems to be better than the one before. All the women look so real and at the same time like puppets. They kinda remind me of the film iRobot. It's awesome :heart:

(Oh, I have short hair :D)
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My uncle Rocky wrote a song called Crocodile tears.
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t is wonderful!)) and the model simply amazing!))
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This is so beautiful <3 you are clearly very talented
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Waaaaaah ~ ,, It's awesome ! She's incredibly beautiful too [link] .. love it ^^
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