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Civil Sketch

I recently attended a civil war reenactment which proved to be an inspiring place for me.

Program(s): Art Rage / Photoshop
Time: 2 Hours
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As a civil war historian, I can say that this is the most beautiful sketches I have seen. The midst of the civil war was a terrible place to be, the men dying, and murdered. But they fought and since have been honored to be a Yankee or Rebel. I already imagine the pain of being shot in battle, but the real pain was the realization of your family in the news that you are dead. My spirits soar for the reason you have made this picture. Glory Glory Hallelujah and beyond! In the good grace of the Union! Hallelujah!
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Looks a bit like Custer to me. I like it.
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Is that a Union or Confederate Calvary soldier?
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Excuse me,
I think it's a really good job and I want to ask you if I can use your artwork for a poster of the school that speak about of Buffalo Soldiers ?
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Very nice job and civil war reenactments are entertaining.
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This reminds me of Glory. The Cononel was named Robert Shawn, and he looked very much like this. Lovely picture =D
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Awesome. the colors perfectly fit the piece. Excellent
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This is absolutely breathtaking. As a reenactor, I'll say that you really captured both the life and the history here. Beautiful!!
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Damnit, this is one of the best pieces of artwork I have ever seen on this website. Amazing texture and colors, very well done!

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SKETCH??? This is a great work of art! :iconepic-winplz:
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awesome brush technique with beautiful color...
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i love you so much
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I went to a Civil War reenactment a few months ago and didn't think I was going to do anything with the images...but this gave me inspiration to pull them out and play with them.....I absolutely love all your work! All is inspirational but I think this one is the only one is the o only one I feel comfortable attempting at my skill level.....practice practice practice and you are at the top of my list of artists! Totally awesome...
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Beautiful, I love the dirty rough background, it seem like he is going through the battle. Go North !
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Awesome! Art rage? You have courage, my friend! Well, this is quite good. Keep on drawing!
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Magnificent use of color!!!
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coolest picture i have seen today!
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the bloodies war in the history of our country.......
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