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Chasing Ghosts by MichaelO

:boogie: :boogie: Thanks for the DD :boogie: :boogie:
I think this is number 8 but I've never had one of reference images featured before! :)
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Again...this is very nicely done. I just have to stop and look every time i pass by it. I especially love the way the female models thick, beautiful, muscular legs are wrapped (sort of like a Greek goddess). Her thick, yet firm & trim, muscular's sorta like a Michelangelo painting. Finally, how hard and strong the male arms look (and would have to be), to protect such a strong beautiful women like that. They look almost like a piece of a statue.

Very...very well done. Sorry for the double post.
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Interesting manip!
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Love those righteous muscles. Such thickness, and ferocity, and the bronze tone of her skin... so appealing. And the raw sexuality of the man cupping her chests and hips. Something about this makes me feel that watching these these two make love would be more art, then porn. I know that sounds weird....but i cant explain it. Its like this photographer (and models) cracked the code. That classical sense of sexy, looong forgotten by modern man. Well done.
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Oh, now i know what this reminds me of. A Michelangelo statue. Love those rippling muscles, thick luscious curves, and statuesque body. Thank you so much for doing this. Its so inspiring.
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Four armed woman? Sounds hot.....
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oh that's really creepy
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This is so amazing. Very interesting style and composition! Really great work! Love
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I imagine Chasing Ghosts by MichaelO was what was intended to be DDed.
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I like this one better... than the finished piece. :P
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you know I was thinking that same thing.. I was so confused.. mostly to what the image here is.. a photograph.. photomanipulation or what since it's in scraps I wasn't sure lol I didn't want to come across mean but I was mostly confused since it's in scraps :giggle: Thanks for the clarification :hug:
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