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Buffalo Soldiers



Part of a series of stamps I created entitled Unsung Heroes. This is number 2 of 4. Buffalo soldiers were African American soldiers that fought for the union army on the western front during the civil war. A group worthy of recognition. The weathered flag in the background set the tone of this painting giving it a rough, rustic feel.

Program(s): Photoshop / ArtRage
Intended Print Size: 9.5 X 12 & Stamp size
Time: 4 Hours

Edit: Texture adjustments and larger full view.
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One interesting fact about the Buffalo Soldiers:

President Grant wanted to desegregate the army, but Sherman said it was a bad idea because the colored regiments had much higher morale than the other regiments (this was at a time where desertion was high among the US army along the frontier, with some regiments recording as much as a 40% desertion rate). Sherman's argument was that, by mixing races in units at the time, we'd water down our most reliable units and lower their morale.

That argument convinced Grant to hold off on desegregation, and sadly, none of his immediate successors followed up on it very seriously. McKinley talked about it at one point, and Roosevelt (Teddy) wanted to implement it, but then Woodrow Wilson reinforced segregation and set back race relations by 30 years.