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I had fun with this one! It took two full days (only stopping to eat, sleep and go to the bathroom) and now i'm seeing stars.

I worked with this model a year ago and got a good image from the set (AmalgaMATE 3) but it was a shame that I hadn't done any close ups of this beautiful face.

PS: I like freckles!

:bulletblue: Reference photo:

Model: Natasha Lazareva


before and after:

:bulletblue: Favorite comment to date: Truly amazing, it screamed ''spring'' at me with those lovely colors, the light shining through her hair is amazing and truly let's her shine, the innocent look on her face and the just seeable freckles
makes her an universal beauty for everyone to behold

and strangely for one second there, I thought I tasted actually some bit of apple as well.......

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That is one beautiful woman.
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O-M-G..... this is so awesome. Great work
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Wow! Fantastic job, congrats! =D
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i can´t stop starring that
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Your works are so amazing..I really love them
Taher-Painter70's avatar
Your works is so amazing..I really love them
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This piece truly screams "Apple" , from her apple green eyes to the honey crisp apple blush on her cheeks. Then you have the golden delicious glow that encapsulates the lovely bushel of "apples". Just beautiful. :love:
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i really love this work of yours...

Amazing....dam your work good!!

Is it possible to use the reference photo for this model and try do an example of my own using the techniques you have mentioned....purely just to build my photoshop skills and porftolio
your works mind blowing....dam your gooooood!!

I was wondering if its possible to use the reference photo from this model and try doing my own example...i want to try out the techniques you have mentioned.
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dude... you do make crap into awesomeness
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This is fucking awesome!
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She's already beautiful but you turned her into magic. Those eyes are hypnotizing!!! :omg:
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its hardto believe that this was created from a blank screen O_O
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Beautiful terrific work, like it. :clap: :+fav:
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Love love love this!
All those fabulous colors just make me want to smile!
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I have freckles ^.^ Lol, what a sweet comment!
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God has given you a wonderful talent,,,are you work this picture only in photoshop,photoshop how..?? or another software..?? thanks
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Your work is so amazing..I really love it
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Michael -

I've featured three of your wonderful paintings here: [link]

Your images are linked back here to your dA account. I hope you get some extra visitors!

Take care -
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