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AmalgaMATE Steps

My style fits well with cyborg themes and I would call my first attempt here a success.

I really liked the pose from this reference image. It seemed very, stern and strong, yet feminine. I tried to figure out how to retain those elements while also, doing what I do best, enhancing the image into something different.

As for the name, AmalgaMATE, it means to mix two things to make them one. I see that here as being the merger between technology and humanity. And, I suppose, you could also see this as being sexual in nature but that's a metaphor for another day.

Original Photographer: George Mayer
Model: Nadezda Korobkova

:bulletblue: Back: [link]

:bulletblue: High quality print available here: [link]

:bulletblue: AmalgaMATE 2, 3, 4 & 5:

:bulletblue: Cover of Advancep Photoshop Magazine Issue #60

:bulletblue: Favorite comment to date: I saw this on the front page, before even checking my watch and I knew it was your work. and... I totally LOVE this piece - from the technical point... your style and her eyes... oh my gosh... her eyes! `miskis
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i loved this way long time ago & faved, & now again poped up to my screen! gr8 work again
PS: any possible step by step for this. Thnx.
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This was posted a while ago- glad to have stumbled upon it! Very interesting and creative work! Will be checking your gallery to see what's new!
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autograph  please........
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A Brush tool King
lamouche14's avatar
du travail de pro...
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i love you work!! you are my inspiration!!! if you could, check out my profile and see what you think about my cyber divas!!! congratulations!!!
Hi Have any tutorials on these amazing designs.
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Amazings and very clever art
MagicOfTheTiger's avatar
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could u please tell me what blending modes or effects you do to make the skin look plastic like this? ive tried to make a robot out of a friends pic and i cant get the skin texture right.
GokudoZerotsuken's avatar
Monstruesly beautiful!
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i finaly found you ! i found your work on the web, and is just awsome, love your style !
Thesealmx's avatar
You made a draw first with the photo reference, and then u start to make the cyborg style??? or u just add the cyborg parts to he original photo?, i really like if u can tell me, to improve my photoshop skills, thanks
It was the first Advance photoshop magazine that I decide to buy!! I think is really amazing
KnVz's avatar
im totally shoked... it is my dream to make things like that.. be my sensei please :(... seriously, i loved it, and i have to make something like that... XD
NoviceOfAnimation's avatar
I feel the same way (^^)
YamatoxXxOnee-San's avatar
thats really awesome, I've never seen anything like that, it caught my eye and at first I thought it was from the one movie they just came out with, idk what its called, <3 but thats really good work!!
vpRaptor's avatar
Nice work, man! Recently I made couple of works like this, but, of course, not in your level :)

Maybe, in future, I'll reworked it and post here...
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do you have an in depth tutorials for this? or anything? i'm really curious how you got that soft blue glow on the side of her face
you're my favorite manipulations artist :D
LuFecH's avatar
goshhh!! i think you've done such a great work.. it's inspiring me to learn more and more.. thx..
Well as soon as I finish first project I gonna make one doll for me :)
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