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AmalgaMATE 4

Yes, another one...
I get so many comments on these that i think i just need to keep it going!

I'm curious to see if you instantly noticed how much larger i made her legs or if they seemed normal to you?

:bulletblue: STEPS:…

model Sarah Duncan

:bulletblue: Same model as: STILL STANDING

AmalgaMATE 1, 2, 3 & 5:
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Very cool picture 
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Fantastic Work!
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I just wanted to bring this to your attention... looks a bit familiar.

Robo girl music by GameQueen90
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U r great..michael.
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I can spend more hours on your art
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Super cool art.
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it's interesting how many men in the arts/deviation/visual community produce images of female sex robots. It's also of interest that every adult cam model, without exception, first gets requests to 'play' at being a female sex robot (ranging from movement at direction in machine fashion to speaking as an automated synthetic voice would), and secondly, how quickly adult cam models come to sense that they ARE robotic, unfeeling machinery used for the gratification of remote unfeeling males.

I am ALWAYS uncomfortable with artists who pursue this line of imagery, the technique is usually well executed, the imagined female desireable, but the sense of it that I have is ... "just another unfeeling male at work". Occassionally I see female artists doing similar imagery, though with them I always feel that there is an irony at work (see anima100's work) and not the development of a masturbatory image for isolated satisfaction.

and yes the fucking legs are Barbie legs, and yes I was quite adept at speaking 'robot' for seventeen dollars a minute.
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i die to know how are you creating the roboting effect...any tut? any video?
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I ike her shoes and her hair ^^
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The colors and overall atmosphere remind me of L.I.M.B clinics from the new Deus Ex. Splendid, just splendid work.
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Micheal Please don't stop what you're doing because this is totally awesome and beautiful work do more.
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HAD to fave this! :jawdrop:


'Nuff said! :)

Be well.

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my oh my... Wow!
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Brilliant! I really love your design.
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Brilliant work as always, Michael.
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