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Alexandria is a city on the north coast of Egypt, once controlled by the Roman Empire. The ancient part of the city is now underwater, with a few mysteries still left to uncover. Even though the city was named after a dude (Alexander the Great) I thought it to be a fitting theme for a mermaid image.

Everyone needs a mermaid in their gallery!

Photographer: Alex Gumerov

:bulletblue: Original image: [link]
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I love how blue the water is and how it is reflective. You captured it perfectly.
You have created an ethereal mermaid that is to die for! By the way, I read a story as a child about a little girl named Alexandria and loved the name so much that I used it for my second daughter's middle name over 20 years after reading the story :)
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My name is Alexandria! I also happen to love mermaids.....Im going to draw one now.....
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True, true...
I love it ^^
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My name is Alexandria. :) Beautiful job. :)
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nice effects on her skin and flesh. more realistic looking.
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i love her skin. pretty
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I love mermaids. :'D...
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lovely image well done
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She looks like Signorey Weaver (cannot...spell her name...)
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beautiful :)
Love the colours
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Amazing, makes me think of the mermaids in the 'sunken shrine' in the original Final Fantasy.
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You've been featured! :icongrindanceplz: [link]
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She's pretty exotic looking with the unique markings on her upper body and the frilly armfins. She'd look even more exotic with webbing between her fingers to match her armfins.
Agreed! And yours is splendid. The little pieces of hair entwined apart are really cool. I dunno, they just kind of caught my eye ;P
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tottaly awesome!!!
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I was looking at this today,I have looked a million times;) and when I looked at the lady's hand, they are claws:wow: I have seen many pics of mermaids, but they always have, regular hands. Its amazing how did that:nod: amazing tones, excellent blending, terrific lighting. This is pure fantasy brought to life Mr. Oswald:)

PS your are right, everyone should have a mermaid. Ive been scared to try it, but I think I am:)

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fantastic! everything about this amazing piece is so ethereal :heart:
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Featured [link] :heart: If you don't want to be featured, just let me know and I will take it down immediately.
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Very lovely piece

It has been featured in my journal here [link]
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hahahahah a dude! [Alexander the Great] hahahahaah!:D this is AMAZING!! i love blue and mermaids, and this is just.... magically dreamy!
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