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~I placed you so high on a pedestal, now I can't reach you~

Female model: Maria Gruner

:bulletblue: Same model as: CARVE YOUR OWN DESTINY…

Male model: me! :giggle:

:bulletblue: Favorite comment to date: awww! I hate it when that happens. Put me on a pedestal where he can reach me, or on one that has a ladder. Wonderful. :clap: savagesmith
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Nov 3, 2007, 7:56:00 AM
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this is wonderful work
great idea fantastic composition
I have to give you :+fav:
mr-wistan's avatar
Done it myself a time or two.
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i really like how she seems 2 just b meditating up there, completely unaware; because this so often happens 2b the case, unless we ourselves already hav an interest in the person we never get a chance 2 see them. because 2 them we've become unattainable/unapproachable :hmm:
that's my wife. Yay! great job, MO.
MichaelO's avatar
yup, that's her! :)
arexu-kun's avatar
great concept :worship:
mrkillzo's avatar
i think i have too, do the same....

i had loved a girl so much, that i though i wasnt enough for her.....

but .... that wasnt the case at all....she liked me, just not as much as i liked her and i let her kow how much i liked her too often....

i wish i could goback in time and put her back to were i could reach here again......
addictivepoison's avatar
Oh, fantastic. The concept is expertly portrayed _K_
marikaejibia's avatar
i've had such shoes!!!
laalauren's avatar
i really like this, its beautiful!
Livala's avatar
Incredible! I can relate to this so much.. it's unreal!
Angelia61's avatar
Wow! Amazing! :hug:
Dualmask's avatar
There's something very Vallejo-ish about this...very nice.
i love the idea
Simounet's avatar
I love this work... Stunning ! :D
MorganElfan's avatar
perfect perfect perfect
koroshino's avatar
haha a quote from 40 year old virgin must be said here "... your putting the pussy on a pedestal..." haha

amazing work!
be0wulfe's avatar
I see a common theme - women on pedestals :)
Dragonfly22's avatar
I wonder the meaning behind it, amazing! that's the way women should put themselves, in a pedestal cause we mean a lot and sometimes some people don't appreciate us.
Gaurk's avatar
Good work. Awe crap, I hate when that happens.
delphitio's avatar
She's probably thinking "damn, it's boring up here..."

Nice piece. To me it looks a little odd that her back leg has aligned perfectly with her front.. heh, but I love your use of the clouds in this.

Nice job.
1incubus's avatar
*extremely good*

how do u model urself?

is the deep meaning that when a guy sees a woman for how high/valuable she really is he wouldn't be able to reach quite that high?
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I set the timer on my camera. :)
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