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Xellos is a Troll

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Got a suggestion to work up a Slayers (specifically Xellos) print for this weekend. I intended to make a standard, stock action pose with the intent of possibly turning it into a lineup of similarly composed cast of characters.

But I just couldn't get into it, and then this struck me last night.
I honestly couldn't stand Xellos, basically because of his trollish personality, so… Xellos in all his trolling glory! Also, I needed more funny stuff.

Slayers is property of Hajime Kanzaka/Rui Araizumi/Fujimi Shobo.
Artwork is ©2011 by Michael Mayne.

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Why....have I not...seen this SOONER!?
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My, my...that's not a very flattering image, no matter how accurate it might be.
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Sabu-chanProfessional Digital Artist
Oh damn, that's so Xelloss-ish XD good job!
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mjk7073Hobbyist Artist
he is not a troll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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KyemeraStudent Digital Artist
Finally! Smeome else agrees!
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Moonlight2095Hobbyist Artist
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NGKchanHobbyist General Artist
That definitely fits him lol. Nice work!
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FairyQueenSerenityHobbyist General Artist
That face looks good on him.
Alien-Snowflake's avatar
Alien-SnowflakeHobbyist Digital Artist
May I use?
ArcCrimsonhart's avatar
:rofl: This describes him to a T. In fact, I'd be willing to say that if you look up Troll or trolling in the dictionary you'd find a picture of him, perhaps even this very one. :lmao:
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kitsunehoruriHobbyist General Artist
Egads! It's true!But I do love the little pest myself
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BjarruStudent Traditional Artist
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*snort* Ah, Xellos. He is the ultimate troll!
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gtsProfessional General Artist
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Doodlz18 Artist
pft thats genius xDDD
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EpscillionProfessional Digital Artist
Omg... XD That's brilliant! I actually liked Xellos, since he kept things interesting. But that is sooo accurate.
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ArtisteFishStudent Filmographer
This is just too perfect. And now I'm trying to figure out if Xellos would be offended or flattered by this. :hmm:

At the least I think he'd find it amusing.

Oh, and great job by the way!!! ;)
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NixieSealProfessional Digital Artist
So show accurate! It looks just like him! XD

I dunno, I liked Xellos just because of the effect he had on others. Oh, such raaaaaaage.
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Those facial wrinkles...

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