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World Revolution-Finest Battle



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I really like how this turned out!

Illustrating the inside of the Lavos shell was fun. Just made it up as I went along, mixing organic and inorganic elements together.

This is the first half. The second will be the Lavos Core itself, facing down the heroes. Actually, I haven't decides which would be cooler, Lavos' second form, or his final form Lavos Core... [link]
Take a look at that link and let me know which one you think would be coolest. 2nd form is the giant one with tubes connected to it; Lavos core is the one with all the different sprites on the bottom right.

Whenever I finish the second half, I'll post it on its own too, as well as a final composite of both parts together, forming one panoramic piece. Ought to look pretty sweet!

And everybody here has their final weapons, even though you can't really tell with Marle, but it's there... =)
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Nicely done. But there is one error. Marle's hair is yellow not brown.