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Plumber's Dilemma

This idea struck me earlier today. I thought it was too funny to shrug off.

All characters are ™ by Nintendo.
Artwork is ©2010 by Michael Mayne.
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Why not use this item?  Super Mario 3D World - Double Cherry by SuperMarioFan65
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Well it's a good thing there's two of them.
xX-StormyDescent-Xx's avatar
To save your lover, or your sister...damn.
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WTF? Pauline isn't his sister. She's his ex-girlfriend.

xX-StormyDescent-Xx's avatar

🤔 then are the maruo vs donkey Kong games not canon

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I was about to say something about Peach being able to float, which means Mario can just go for Pauline, but, er... looks like it's already been said a bunch of times.
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Peach must survive!

Or you could just go get Luigi to help...
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I choose Buzz Lightyear!
StarshineFlight-X2's avatar
When villains get this smart, you know you've got a problem.
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came here from tv tropes nice drawing
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Where is Lugi when you need him
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A conquest or birthright.
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I vote Pauline. Peach can float herself to safety.
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Or he could just, you know, turn around and go see Rosalina instead...
xX-StormyDescent-Xx's avatar
Yep XD That's my plan.
Because become villain(Donkey Kong junior) if rescue Pauline :P
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Either Peach and Pauline are glaring at each other because of rivalry, or they're sharing a mutual look of "Well, this sucks."
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I dunno why, but I feel like whoever Mario doesn't go after won't be dropped. Bowser loves Peach and DK ain't THAT heartless. So I imagine as soon as Mario goes after one, the other will just throw their girl over their shoulder and skedaddle.
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