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Life, uh... Finds a Way.

I think I'll make this my last (deliberate) Nintendo inspired piece for a while.

I don't even know why I thought this was clever. But I think it'd been stuck in the back of my mind for quite some time now...

I do actually like the egg shape more than anything—figured that was one unique touch I could add to an otherwise obvious mash-up. =)

Yoshi and Yoshi's Island are ™ by Nintendo.
Jurassic Park font from
Artwork ©2010 by Michael Mayne.

Also, this just hit me. I have one more up my sleeve. Came from a conversation at Tsubasacon this past weekend. "I wanna be... the very best..."
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Nice crossover: Live-action and Video game = different medium = awesome!
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A terrific parody piece!
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I'm very happy this exists 
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Yoshi's Island.... Isla Nibl numa.
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User name: Pics-enjoy, try to figure out the location of the Yoshi Park.
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Dr. Mario
My Dear Dr. Peach,
Welcome, to Yoshi's Island!
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(Jurassic Park Theme plays in the background) 
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What, do they have Donkey Kong here?
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about the super mario bros movie.
malcom: before you even knew what you had,you copyrighted it,packaged it and slapped it on a vhs tape and you sold it!
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its a edited version of jurrasic park pcture
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Yoshi's world is here now
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Nice Parody! X3
F4GG0TY-L4WNM0WER's avatar
420/69 would visit there
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This is pretty cool! I've seen this around, but I was never able to find the source of it until now. Nice work, dude!
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Instantly fav'd.
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A Steven Spielberg film

Based on the exciting epic adventure by Nintendo.

A video game 20 years in the making

"Yoshi's Island"
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Can't wait to see it.
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That is absolutely brilliant! :lmao:
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this is perfect!!
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dude this is GENIUS!

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