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Kingdom Hearts - New Dreams

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So this was fun! Been a long time since I made any Kingdom Hearts fanart.

Was really excited to portray that hair! Manga Studio made that a pretty natural process.

Also fun designing a world-appropriate keyblade for Sora. The length of it is a facsimile of a spiraling column of floating lanterns, topped off with half of the kingdom's sun/flower seal. The hilt is ornamented with a rigid handguard that mimics the flow of Rapunzel's hair. And of course the keychain itself is another instance of the kingdom's seal.

Approached this as if the characters were in a hand-drawn Disney movie—economized lines, simple shading.

Kingdom Hearts is property of Disney/Square-Enix.
Tangled is property of Disney.
Artwork is ©2011 by Michael Mayne.

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This is great. I love how you've drawn them. :love:

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RW:this is going to be in the game dude(just wait and see😉)
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Can't wait for kh3 it will be the best RPG in the world and nothing can beat it (in my opinion)
This picture is awesome, cuz I had a gut feeling Tangled would possibly appear in KH3 and it is!!:happybounce: 
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I love how you designed the keyblade! Awesome!
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It would be amazing to have Rapunzel in KH3. I love the way you drew her hair =3
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Tangled is going to be in the game. It's confirmed.
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I know! I'm so excited =D
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Awesome! Love this
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This would be awesome.
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AWESOME! I love the detail on the hair. The expression are also great.
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Or Finn and Rapunzel
Vanessalisa's avatar
And her hair as for healing
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I vote they put tangled their it be cool that Rapunzel will her fryin pan as a weapon against heartless
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Very very good!! XD
Rapunzel for Kingdom Hearts III!
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So many yesssess. Heh...
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this looks so awesome :3
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"Tangled" should be included in the next Kingdom Hearts game, as well as "The Princess and the Frog". :D
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I like kingdom hearts. It the most awesome game I always wanted
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