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Ganon Style

This struck me the other day and I had to roll with it, partly because it was too awesome not to do, and partly because I could use some fresh new prints for my next convention.

The crazy thing is I just uploaded this as my Facebook cover photo last night, right before going to sleep, and woke up today to find my friend had posted it on Reddit and it rocketed to #1 overnight…! Mind: blown. So thanks to my buddy Shane, and thanks to Reddit for taking so kindly to it already!

Uploaded a PNG of the file instead. Higher quality!

:bulletred:Now available as a shirt and sticker design on RedBubble!:bulletred:
Click HERE to hop over to the store and get one for yourself!

Closeup of Tingle…
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I remember seeing this picture on the front page of DeviantArt 9 years ago, when this was just uploaded and Gangnam Style was still a hot topic. This image has never left my mind since then and weirdly brings me nostalgic joy whenever I remember it

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This is awesome on so many levels...  
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lol!   +1000
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When I saw this I was like WTF? But at the same time I was laughing 
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Zelda looks so adorable!
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Link scrambling away from pedo-Tingle makes this like 10x better!:rofl:
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I know that's zelda but her face looks exactly like aryll
animefreak2579's avatar
I thought it was Aryll at first
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This is both hilarious and terrifying... love it!
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If this was in the games XD
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...I...I want it. ...I...I want a shirt of that. This... This is amazing :O
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I would totally buy this if this was a shirt
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That made me laugh.
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Oh my glob...yes.
10/10 I wish it was animated. xD
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That's right, Link. Just crawl out of there as fast as ya can, bud. XD
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I'm not sure how I feel about this! It's really good though~
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Lol, nicely done! ^^
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