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Here's a piece I did specifically for next weekend's PixelDrip "Six Seasons and a Movie" art show!
I'll have two other pieces framed and available for sale as prints too. Plus a few extras for projector display. I even contributed a Señor Chang connect-the-dots page that visitors will get just for showing up to the gallery!

I won't be there, but the itinerary sounds like loads of fun! June 23rd and 24th, everybody! If you're near LA you should definitely CHANG it out!

Community is property of NBC/Sony/Dan Harmon.
Artwork is ©2012 by Michael Mayne.

For pricing info and how to commission me, please refer to this Commissions Guide
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lol, that's Childish Gambino??? Can't really see the relation. lol. :P
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This piece was one "Magnitude" away of being the best ever!!!

Pop pop!! XD

JK i love it man
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That awsome moment in which you're looking for good fanart of "The walking dead" series... and you also find this beautiful piece of one of the best sitcoms ever:heart: (Chang... I just love your creepy Chang)
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Just wanted to let you know this has been posted on reddit :)
i also made the quick gta cover shop hope you don't mind
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I love it! The dean and Pierce look especially fabulous-o.
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Greendale Human Being....So....creepy.....ga....
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It was very creepy when I was zoomed in to airbrush the ink onto the face! haha
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Oh my god I can only imagine. I'm gonna have nightmares of the HumanBeing by the way. :o That haunting soulless face : D
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