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I haven’t been doing great this year, so I’m selling my leftover ECCC prints finally! If you want one, you can get them for $10 each at my store here:

Once the stock is all sold, there won’t be any more made, so get them while you can! 

Hey everyone! I just changed my Patreon to be all about my art in general instead of just about my webcomic.  The new URL is

Additionally, I added a new reward tier for those of you who would like to see me do more NSFW art, check it out!

A lot of people miss out on my random art streams, so I’m going to put a couple on a set schedule, so you’ll know when I’m going to be streaming!  I’ll still do random ones when I feel like it, but I figured a few scheduled ones would help people out!

From now on I’ll be streaming on my Picarto channel at these times every week:
Sunday at 9:30 PM Pacific Time
Thursday at 1:00 PM Pacific time

Sundays will most likely always be future Supernormal Step comic pages.  Thursday could change from week to week, if I’m having a bad week it might be more comic pages, but usually it will likely be something else like a random illustration.  Hope this helps!

It seems I really really needed a break from this place.  I'm going to be posting here again, but sparingly.  I've been much happier and stress-free posting things over on tumblr but it's a waste to not use my DA as a portfolio.  So I'm starting fresh here, and cleared out the gallery.  A lot of the stuff that was here is still posted over on my tumblr, and I have all the old stuff all the way back to 2003 saved myself so nothing is actually lost.

I'm going to update this gallery to show examples of my current work, so things will be cycled out. Also if you want to contact me, you'd be better off contacting me through my email or tumblr because keeping track of things here gives me a headache.

I know the gallery being cleared out will be upsetting to some, but I needed to do it for myself.  Hope you understand, 10 years of baggage was tough for me.